Editorial Policy

This website reports on the NH Foods Group’s CSR initiatives, through which we seek to realize a sustainable society. The website was created with the goal of enabling us to communicate with as many stakeholders as possible.


In order to meet the expectations of our diverse stakeholders, we place great value on the comprehensive range of information disclosed on this website; as such, it provides detailed content and data regarding our initiatives.


All Japanese Group companies, including NH Foods Ltd.

Note: Some content regarding overseas Group companies is also included.

Time Frame

April 1, 2018-March 31, 2019

Note: More recent content is included for some activities.

Reference Guidelines

  • GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards
  • Environment Reporting Guidelines 2012, Ministry of the Environment

Publication Date

June 2019 (previous issue published in December 2018; next issue scheduled to be published in June 2020)

Further Inquiries

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