Material Issues

With the Corporate Philosophies serving as the foundation of management, NH Foods Group values communication with stakeholders as it conducts CSR activities focused on five CSR material issues based on compliance.
Furthermore, we believe that addressing these issues together with stakeholders will realize the establishment of a sustainable society.

Producing food that is safe and reliable

As a company that delivers the joy of eating, thoroughly pursuing quality for safety and reliability is a matter of course. Also, in order to deliver safe, reliable food to ever more people, we pursue safety concerning food allergies and the supply chain.

Supporting mental and physical well-being through food and sport

As a company that deals with food and sports, we contribute to making healthy bodies and minds. In order to do so, we promote dietary education, the diffusion of food culture, promoting the popularization of sports, etc.

Maintaining workplaces that motivate employees

Our company is aiming to be a place where employees can find true happiness and be fulfilled. In order to do this, we promote the measures necessary for developing employees’ awareness and capabilities, a good work-life balance, diversity, maintenance of healthy bodies and minds, and respect for human rights, etc.

Sustainable food supply for the next generation

As the world’s population increases and economies grow, the demand for food resources only increases, while there are various restrictions on supply. Also, in Japan, the decline of the livestock industry is a concern. In this environment we promote the growth of the domestic livestock industry and take measures for the sustainability of foodstuffs in order to secure food for future generations.

Preserving the environment

All businesses must take responsibility and deal with the world’s environmental problems such as climate change. In addition to reducing emissions of greenhouse gasses in the supply chain and increasing the efficiency of energy use, because we are a food company, we are proceeding to reduce waste foodstuffs.