Resource Recycling in Collaboration with Third Parties

Miyazaki Biomass Recycle Co., Ltd.

In Miyazaki Prefecture, the NH Foods Group is engaged in business activities in all processes, ranging from production to treatment, processing, manufacturing, and sales.
As part of these activities, the Miyazaki Production Division of Nippon White Farm Co., Ltd., which is in charge of the production, treatment, and processing of chicken, ships approximately 83,000 chickens per day raised at contracted production farms. In order to appropriately treat the excrement generated as these chickens are raised, Nippon White Farm Co., Ltd. established Miyazaki Biomass Recycle Co., Ltd. in May 2003 through joint investment by parties including poultry farmers, local agricultural cooperatives and businesses, etc., with eight companies in Miyazaki Prefecture.
This company’s business features Japan’s first poultry manure power-generation business. It has sealed facilities as a measure against odor influence on the surrounding environment.

Miyazaki Biomass Recycle Co., Ltd.

Cyclical Ecosystems (biomass power generation)

Re-use of Chicken Manure

The Flow from Chicken Manure to Electric Power

Approximately 43,000 tons of poultry manure is generated each year from production farms contracted by the Miyazaki Production Division of Nippon White Farm Co., Ltd.
Approximately 90% of it is delivered to Miyazaki Biomass Recycle Co., Ltd., to generate electricity from the energy produced from incineration.

Incineration capacity of Miyazaki Biomass Recycle Co., Ltd.

Amount of incinerated poultry manure: 132,000 tons/year

Amount of power generated: 76,662 MWh/year*

Note: Compared with coal thermal-power generation, this is equivalent to a CO2 reduction of 66,000 tons and annual power consumption for approximately 20,000 general households.

The company receives about 500 tons of chicken manure each day

The chicken manure incineration capacity of a single boiler is about 440 tons per day

The Flow from Incineration Ash to Fertilizer

The ash remaining after chicken manure is incinerated is purchased by the Miyazaki Environmental Preservation Agricultural Cooperative, sold to NH Foods Ltd., fertilizer producers, and others, and distributed on the market.
The incineration ash is sold as organically-derived fertilizer that contains phosphorous and potassium and contributes to improving soils.

Chicken manure is continuously and effectively used as a resource, leading to reductions in the environment impact and cyclical use in cooperation with other companies.

Approximately 12,000 tons of incineration ash is generated annually

Incineration Ash