In-class lessons

We at NH Foods have provided in-class lessons since 2006 under the slogan of “Enjoy eating” cooperating with NPO the Association of Corporation and Education. There are three kinds of classes, which are consisted of both lectures and experiences.

Through the lessons, we teach students to eat right, enjoy eating, and value food, supporting healthy minds and bodies of children.

Winner sausage-making workshop

The lessons, which are tailored to each grade, convey the importance of eating, the roles of eating, and other information. The aim is to foster enjoyment of eating and understanding of the value of food through a hands-on experience that stimulates the five senses to learn what the wiener sausages the students regularly eat are made from and how they are made.

In-class lessons about food and sports

NH Foods Group visits elementary schools to provide “In-class lessons about food and sports”. In the class, the Hokkaido Nipponham Fighters Baseball Club Co., Ltd. provides physical education while the NH Foods Ltd. Research and Development Center gives dietary education. Through lectures and experiences, students learn the importance of exercising and eating right.