The Joy of Food and Sports

The Group supports the mental and physical well-being of customers by linking food and sports and providing opportunities to enjoy both. We contribute to the good health of many more people based on the knowledge that we have acquired through many years supporting sports.

Events for Enjoying Watching Sports and Eating

The Group holds events to enable spectators to enjoy food while watching games of the Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters and Cerezo OSAKA.

“Food and Sports Appreciation Days” presented by the Group were held at official Eastern League games at the Fighters Kamagaya Stadium. The offered menus items were developed under the supervision of registered dietitians from the NH Foods Ltd. Research & Development Center, which provides nutritional support to athletes. Also, concession stands that sold food and beverages using various Group products were set up and programs that enable participants to exercise were conducted.

At home games of the J1 League Cerezo OSAKA soccer club at Nagai Park in Osaka, special booths were set up as part of Nipponham Supporting Matches and original food items made from Group products were sold so that spectators could experience the joy of eating.

The Group will continue to hold events where participants can enjoy both food and sports.

Events for Experiencing Food and Sports

The Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters have been conducting the Kamagaya Stadium Terakoya summer school, which provides assistance to elementary school students with their homework and independent research since 2014. Starting in 2016, NH Foods has participated by conducting food educational programs such as classes on wiener sausage garnishes and cooking.

In 2018, new hands-on programs unique to the Kamagaya Stadium including stadium tours and professional baseball athlete experiences were conducted. For lunch, the children participated in making nutritionally balanced boxed meals with a staple main dish, main vegetable dish, and side dish under the supervision of a registered dietitian from the Research & Development Center, experiencing both food and sports.