Creating Opportunities to Participate in Sports

Sports contribute to people’s mental and physical well-being, create opportunities for interaction among people, and act as a force for building communities that connect people. As a business enterprise involved in food and sports, the Group creates various opportunities to participate in sports to promote sports culture, encourage individuals to participate in sports, and contribute to local communities.

Activities by the Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters

Since the team’s formation, the Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters has endeavored to coexist with local communities as a member of society and to create a Sports Community where sports play an integral role in society. The team actively engages in a variety of programs, using its resources and expertise not just in the sports sphere but also in the living environment and local communities to support the sound development of youth and create a healthy society.

A dance academy that holds classes for a wide range of age groups from preschool children to adults

Former team members conduct baseball clinics in various regions.

Visits are made to facilities for seniors to promote a baseball board game, to enhance the well-being of seniors.

A scene at the Kamagaya Stadium Terakoya summer school

Activities by Cerezo OSAKA

The Cerezo OSAKA Sports Club was spun off from the Soccer Promotion and Youth Development Division of Osaka Football Club Co., Ltd. as a general incorporated association to function as a comprehensive regional sports club.
The club creates opportunities and venues for a wide range of residents to participate in sports and promotes various sports centered on soccer with a focus on local residents in Osaka City.

soccer school

At a children’s soccer school, children learn the joy of sports and competition and the importance of friends through a variety of events.

BRISA Cerezo Osaka Running Club

BRISA Cerezo Osaka Running Club
A running program whose concept is the “joy of running”

Healthcare Support School

At the Healthcare Support School, programs for individuals in their 30s to 50s support healthy lifestyles.

Cerozo Osaka Golf Club.

Cerozo Osaka Golf Club.
The Cerezo Osaka Golf Club has various programs including activities designed for children and women based on the concept of “the joy of golf.”

UNICEF Cup Marathon

UNICEF Cup Marathon

The Group has been a special sponsor of the UNICEF Cup Marathon, a marathon held in Hyogo Prefecture, and the Nishinomiya Half Marathon, Kobe Valentine Love Run, and Ashiya Sakura Fun Run since 1999.
These events provide opportunities for residents to enjoy sports. Food shops and other vendors are set up at the sites, making for exciting events for local communities.

Nipponham Flag Autumn Rubber Baseball Tournament for Kanto Area Students

Nipponham Flag Autumn Rubber Baseball Tournament for Kanto Area Students

The Group has been holding this event since 1999. Approximately 6,000 teams of fifth grade elementary school and younger students from the eight prefectures in the Kanto region compete. The final tournament, held with eight representative teams that won the preliminary rounds in each prefecture, is held at the Fighters Kamagaya Stadium in Chiba Prefecture.