Human Resource Development and Diversity

Human Resource Development and Diversity

Basic Views

One of the Group’s corporate philosophies is for the company to be a place where employees can feel truly happy and fulfilled. We believe that the ability of employees with diverse values to fully exhibit his or her capabilities leads to Group growth and development and contributes to society. The Group strives to create workplaces that motivate diverse human resources.

Ideal Human Resources Sought by the NH Foods Group

The Group formulated “ideal human resources sought by the NH Foods Group” in 2013 as a policy and guide to growth for carrying out its corporate philosophies.

We believe that by indicating the ideals that employees should pursue as their objectives and positioning them as clear growth targets, everyone will be able to carry out their work duties while feeling a sense of growth.

The Group places ideal human resources that it seeks at the root of its human resource management systems, and undertakes human resource development for all Group employees.

Ideal Human Resources Sought by NH Foods Group

Human Resource Management Systems

Promotion Systems

The NH Foods Ltd. Human Resources Department plays a central role in collaborating with Group companies.

Major Initiatives and Related Data

Future Initiatives

The activities of diverse human resources will be a driver of future corporate growth. We will implement workstyle reforms that lead to a good work-life balance to boost creativity and lead to increased diversity to expand variety within the workforce with the aim of creating work environments where everyone can work comfortably and even more diverse human resources feel motivated.