Human Resource Development

The Group places “ideal human resources sought by the NH Foods Group” at the root of its human resource management system. We promote strategic development and utilization of human resources by operating an effective PDCA cycle of hiring, education and development, evaluation and treatment, and transfer and assignment.

Management Capabilities and Leadership

Leadership by executives and management by managers are crucial for sustainable corporate growth. Accordingly, we promote development of the management capabilities at all levels starting from junior personnel.

We also position the identification and fostering of human resources who can steer business growth as a priority issue and use screening, development, and transfers to develop future generations of managers who can build and carry out management strategies.

Reinforcement of Education and Development Measures

NH Foods Ltd. includes human resource development or organizational improvement and reform measures for managers and skill enhancement measures for non-managerial personnel through on-the-job training (OJT) in its target management program as structures for implementing human resource development.

The company also conduct business leader training and executive development training for manager class personnel and young leader development training for assistant manager class personnel as screening-type training for developing future generations of managers.

In fiscal 2018, the scope of employees subject to Management by Objectives (MBO) was expanded to all regular employees. The goal of MBO is to improve the performance of organizations by uniting the objectives of the organization with the objectives of the individual while giving each individual a sense of fulfillment and growth by ambitiously achieving their personal objectives.

NH Foods Training Systems in Fiscal 2021

Career Development Support

NH Foods Ltd. has introduced various career development support programs so that employees can proactively design their careers. The company continuously implements a variety of programs including an open internal recruiting system for internal transfers, a self-reporting program where employees take stock of their own skills and design their careers, career and life planning seminars that draw attention to future life designs at the milestone ages of 30,40,50 and 55 years, and an interview program that provides support for career development by new employees.

NH Foods Group Joint Training

Group joint training is conducted when employees are promoted to manager, assistant manager, or chief, to help employees achieve personal growth and improve their management skills. The training is intended to share information on the Group's vision, ideal human resources sought by the Group, and so on, provide knowledge necessary for management at each level, and expand perspectives and enhance creativity through interaction among personnel in different sectors (production, manufacturing, distribution, sales, research, and management).

Mission Challenge Training *Currently, due to the influence of the COVID-19 crisis, the training is not being held.

The Group conducts “mission challenge” training with the aim of developing human resources who can work effectively overseas. This is a Group-wide, interdisciplinary, and practical overseas training program where trainees are assigned to other countries and regions with different cultures where common practices are not shared with Japan, and are given missions (issues and orders) on a daily basis with deadlines to achieve results.

1.Training objectives
  1. Foster global perspectives and sensibilities by tackling issues under a different cultural environment.
  2. Develop understanding of one’s own suitability regarding the required skills and facilitate skills development.
  3. Develop next-generation leaders who are creative, consider change, and are not constrained by prior experience.

Young Group employees (in their 20s)

3.Implementation sites

Implemented once annually, mainly in East Asia and Southeast Asia

4.Examples of training details
Day1 Day2 Day3 Day4 Day5 Day6
Tour of local business sites
Tour of local factories
First mission
Cross-cultural survey
Second mission
Product PR
Television commercial production
Third mission
Propose new menu items to local restaurants
Fourth mission
The business proposal
Final mission
Results announcement meeting
Announcement of first mission results Announcement of second mission results Announcement of third mission results Announcement of fourth mission results Follow-up training
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