Promoting Diversity and Work-Life Balance

The Group takes measures to support balancing work with childcare or family care and implements workstyle reforms so that all employees can work with vitality and creates appealing workplaces that facilitate work by all personnel.

Balancing Work with Childcare or Nursing Care

The Group implements a variety of initiatives to create workplace environments where employees can balance work with childcare or nursing care, etc. We have expanded support programs such as childcare and nursing care leave, special leave, and reduced working hours and also disseminate information and conduct educational activities to create workplace environments that encourage employees to make use of these programs.

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Educational Programs concerning Participation in Housework and Childcare by Men

Participation in housework and childcare by men is important for promoting a good work-life balance, creating a gender-equal society, and empowering women. In light of this, the Group displays posters and uses other means to encourage men to participate in day-to-day housework, make use of time off for childcare, and to talk about it at work, and implements initiatives to facilitate understanding in the workplace regarding men taking childcare leave and participating in housework.

Nursing Care Seminars

The Group invited outside instructors to conduct nursing care seminars for Group employees to provide basic knowledge regarding nursing care and convey information concerning internal programs In addition, we have set up an external consultation service for nursing care and provide web-based video seminars to help people acquire nursing care knowledge. We will continue to conduct informational and educational programs regarding how to deal with situations where employees need to provide nursing care for a family member and how to prevent such situations and will support the balance between nursing care and work.

Initiatives for Flexible Workstyles

NH Foods Ltd. promotes initiatives for flexible workstyles to help employees maintain a good balance between work and childcare or nursing care. As a part of these efforts, we have introduced shorter working hours, flexible working hours for childcare and nursing care, and telecommuting. The aim is to create workstyles that enable employees facing time constraints because of childcare or nursing care to achieve results in their work and feel a sense of fulfillment.