Health, and occupational health and safety

Basic Views

Ensuring the mental and physical health and safety of every employee is an essential precondition for achieving the joy of eating, one of the Group’s corporate philosophies. The Group takes measures to create work environments where employees can work cheerfully and with reassurance.

Health and Safety Declaration

We announced the NH Foods Group Health and Safety Declaration in October 2016 as a fundamental policy with the health of each employee as a foundation of the Group’s business. In accordance with the policy, we promote initiatives for the health employee.

Health and Safety Declaration

The Group has made striving to be “a place where employees can feel truly happy and fulfilled” one of its corporate philosophies.
In addition, the Group brand statement pledges that we will “aspire to share the pleasures of good eating and the joys of health with people around the world,” and we support people’s mental and physical well-being through food and sports as one of the five important issues in the implementation of CSR initiatives.
To achieve this, the first thing that is necessary is that we ourselves maintain good mental and physical health.
Accordingly, as a business enterprise, we have positioned employee health as a vital management foundation and take measures to create health management systems and healthy work environments. We also provide support for the voluntary health maintenance and improvement activities of employees and their family members.

Promotion Systems

The NH Foods Ltd. Human Resources Department plays a central role in collaborating with Group companies. In particular, the department takes measures to introduce occupational health and safety management systems at each company and worksite.

Main Initiatives and Related Data

Future Initiatives

The Group strives to completely eliminate occupational accidents and to support the mental and physical well-being of employees to create work environments where employees can work cheerfully and with reassurance.