Cooperation with Suppliers

NH Foods Group is working to strengthen cooperation with its supliers to promote responsible procurement that takes into account the safety of products, services as well as social and environmental issues.

Monitoring of Suppliers

Approach to Status of Critical Suppliers

We position "critical suppliers" as suppliers with large transaction amounts and suppliers with non-replaceable materials.

Status of Critical Suppliers in Japan

Number of critical suppliers 161 companies
Percentage of critical suppliers to all primary suppliers 15.3%
Percentage of critical suppliers purchaces by value to total procurement amou 82.16%

Achievement and Goals of Assessment in Japan

Number of Participated Target Companies Response Rate
Result of FY2018 36 companies 100%
Result of FY2019 68 companies 100%
Result of FY2020 21 companies 95.5%
FY2021 Target 32 companies 100%

Note: Until fiscal 2021, we target to have the attending primary suppliers account for 80% of our supply purchases by value.

Concept of Suppliers with High Sustainability Risks

From the perspective of human rights, labor, environment, and anti-corruption, we determine "suppliers with high sustainability risk" based on the results of the questionnaire.