Five CSR Material Issues Preserving the environment

Our Approach

All businesses must take responsibility and deal with the world’s environmental problems such as climate change.
We intend to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in our supply chains, optimize energy usage and, at the same time, control and reduce the generation of waste.

Major Initiatives

Key Themes of the Medium-Term Management Plan 2020

The NH Foods Group has declared to “pursue sustainability” as a central business policy in its Medium-Term Management Plan 2020, which runs to the end of fiscal 2020.
Consequently, the Group has designated important themes, visualized its Ideals, and is advancing concrete activities accordingly.

Key Themes 2020 Ideals Major Activities Planned for Fiscal 2019 Supervising Department
Improving environmental performance
(saving energy and resources, and reducing environmental impact)
Ensuring that all employees work together to achieve environmental goals that satisfy global standards
  • Establishing an Environmental Conservation Committee
  • Setting environmental goals
  • Considering environmental impact reduction measures
  • Sustainability Department and all Business divisions

We at NH Foods Group are especially working on these two group-wide projects below.

LED lights Replacement

We are going to replace almost all lightings with LED ones in stages at our owned domestic properties. We aim to complete it by the end of March 2021*1.

Switch to Hybrid vehicles

We are going to switch gasoil-powered vehicles to hybrid ones in stages*2. We aim to complete it by the end of March 2021*1.

Note1: Complete it by March 2022, at latest.

Note2: Only for vehicles used in sales activities in Japan (excluding trucks, mini-vehicles, etc.)

Analyzing areas exposed to water risk Completing screening at all NH Foods Group bases
  • Investigating, evaluating, and considering measures to counter water risk at all bases
  • Sustainability Department