Five CSR Material Issues Sustainable Food Supply for the Next Generation

Our Approach

As the world’s population increases and economies grow, the demand for food resources only increases, while there are various restrictions on supply. Also, in Japan, the decline of the livestock industry is a concern. In this environment we promote the growth of the domestic livestock industry and take measures for the sustainability of foodstuffs in order to secure food for future generations.

Major Initiatives

Key Themes of the Medium-Term Management Plan 2020

The NH Foods Group has declared to “pursue sustainability” as a central business policy in its Medium-Term Management Plan 2020, which runs to the end of fiscal 2020.
Consequently, the Group has designated important themes, visualized its Ideals, and is advancing concrete activities accordingly.

Key Themes 2020 Ideals Major Activities Planned for Fiscal 2019 Supervising Department
Revitalizing the domestic livestock industry and other primary industries Establishing cooperative systems with society aimed at revitalizing the domestic livestock industry
  • Working together with domestic livestock farmers
  • Considering labor-saving measures at production sites
  • Providing educational support via industry-academia collaborations
  • Fresh Meats Business Division
  • Research & Development Center
  • Sustainability Department