Five CSR Material Issues Maintaining Workplaces that Motivate Employees

Our Approach

The NH Foods Group seeks to become a place where employees can feel truly happy and fulfilled. To this end, we are engaged in activities aimed at developing employee awareness and skills, realizing a healthy work-life balance, promoting diversity, and maintaining healthy minds and bodies.

Major Initiatives

Key Themes of the Medium-Term Management Plan 2020

The NH Foods Group has declared to “pursue sustainability” as a central business policy in its Medium-Term Management Plan 2020, which runs to the end of fiscal 2020.
Consequently, the Group has designated important themes, visualized its Ideals, and is advancing concrete activities accordingly.

Key Themes 2020 Ideals Major Activities Planned for Fiscal 2019 Supervising Department
Creating workplaces that satisfy employees and make them feel proud Ensuring that initiatives aimed at nurturing job satisfaction and pride are being held throughout the company
  • Holding compliance meetings attended by all employees at all business sites
  • Proposing and promoting measures through group discussions
  • Promoting human resources management that is rooted in “ideal human resources sought by the NH Foods Group”
  • Compliance Department
  • Corporate Management Division and all business divisions