Contributing to the Community

It is our responsibility to the young, who represent our hopes for the future, to ensure that businesses and society mutually support each other and build better relationships. To that end, the NH Foods Group will remain a good corporate citizen by continuing to engage in dialogue with the wider community.

Interfarm Co., Ltd., in Hokkaido

Here, employees look after a flower plantation. The 3.5-hectare site grows around 80,000 bouquets of flowers annually. The plantation uses fertilizer generated from hog manure at the Shiretoko operation of Interfarm Co., Ltd.

Interfarm Co., Ltd., in Hokkaido

Nippon Food Packer, Inc., in Aomori Prefecture

To the delight of local residents, mustard flowers bloom in the spring and sunflowers in the fall on a 1.5-hectare former sports field on plant property. In this field, the company uses fertilizer generated by the plant.

Nippon Food Packer, Inc., in Aomori Prefecture

Hoko Co., Ltd. , in Kanagawa Prefecture

Second-year students from a nearby junior high school enjoyed three days of work at the site. The enthusiastic participants expressed interest in gaining exposure to different aspects of work at the plant and extending their work experience.

Hoko Co., Ltd. , in Kanagawa Prefecture

NH Foods Ltd., in Nagasaki Prefecture

Employees from the Isahaya Plant of NH Foods Ltd. participated in the Nonnoko Isahaya Festival in Nagasaki Prefecture. Employees performed the Nonnoko Dance which dates back to the 16th century.

Nippon Meat Packers, Inc., in Nagasaki Prefecture

Shandong Rilong Foodstuffs Co., Ltd., in China

This company offers plant visits to university students. They get to see the manufacturing process and exchange information with company personnel, making the visits informative for all.

Shandong Rilong Foodstuffs Co., Ltd., in  China

NH Foods Ltd., in Mie Prefecture

Here, students from the Food Preparation Department of Ohka Senior High School in Mie Prefecture learned slicing techniques for ham and sausages. These students serve food at a restaurant on the premises of the school training facility.

Nippon Meat Packers, Inc., in Mie Prefecture

Donations by NH Foods Ltd. by field. (FY2017)


1. Social welfare and social inclusion 19,429,388
2. Health, medical science, and sports 133,538,849
3. Academics and research 250,000
4. Education and social education 1,816,486
5. Culture and the arts 120,000
6. Environment 2,784,694
7. Local community activities, preservation of historic sites and culture 60,000
10. Community building for disaster preparedness, crime prevention 200,000
14. Political donations 1,000,000
15. Others 5,600,000