Dairy Products Business

Our Dairy Products Business encompasses cheese and yogurt operations.
The cheese business employs advanced technologies to dominate Japan's commercial cheese market.
We also develop cheeses for consumers.
We are continually developing unique offerings in the yogurt business.

Cheese business

Cheese business

To deliver the authentic taste of cheese to more consumers, Hoko Co., Ltd., started selling the ROLF brand's products in Japan.
We have since pursued progress in taste and processing technologies.
The products are now one of the major brands in Japan's commercial cheese market, supplying bakeries, confectionary makers, and convenience store chains.

Numerous food experts have high regard for ROLF brand cheeses. The production process begins with procuring quality natural cheeses that we carefully select from Japan, Oceania, and the European Union. Product development leverages proprietary processing technologies and expertise in carefully catering to customer needs in terms of flavor, shape, and product convenience.

In recent years, we have also focused on consumer demand for baby cheese and smoked cheese to deliver the great taste of ROLF cheese to more people.

Yogurt business

Yogurt business

Since its foundation in 1964, Nippon Luna Inc., has pursued great taste and good health as a specialist manufacturer of yogurts and lactic acid probiotic beverages. This company accommodates diversifying needs by analyzing storefront and market information so it can consistently develop unique products that match customer tastes.

For example, we were the first in Japan to launch the product described as Nomu Yogurt or "drinkable yogurt." It was created from our original idea to develop a yogurt that could be consumed easily anywhere.

In addition, our Vanilla Yogurt is very popular for its ice-cream like flavor created by using a long, slow fermentation method to produce a milder, less-sour taste.

In lactic acid probiotic beverages, we commercialized the vegetable-derived L. Plantarum (HSK201) lactic acid as chilled cup beverages, which was discovered in joint research with the NH Foods Research and Development Center.

Vanilla Yogurt

Vanilla Yogurt
This dessert yogurt with the creamy taste of vanilla ice cream has been very popular with consumers since its introduction in 1993.