Vertical Integration System

The NH Foods Group built a unique in-house vertical integration system that encompasses all stages, from production and breeding to packing and processing at its own farms and factories in Japan and overseas as well as consignment, distribution, and sales, to provide safe, top-quality fresh meats. A consistent management from breeding through to the sale leads new value creation on many levels, not only facilitating production of high-value-added fresh meats matched to market needs but also mitigating risks, such as livestock disease, while ensuring stable supply.

Vertical Integration System


We raise animals on our own farms in Japan and abroad to ensure peace of mind for consumers.


We swiftly process and deliver meat to maintain our stable supply of fresh products.

Receiving and distributing

The NH Foods Group maintains a fast supply structure that links domestic and overseas pro- duction sites with sales bases.


We created a locally focused direct route sales system that accommodates various channels in selling nationwide.

Retailers and restaurants

We supply fresh meat to retailers, restaurants and other customers.

Creating the Vertical Integration System

Creating the Vertical Integration System

The fresh meat industry was traditionally segmented into production, breeding, processing, logistics, and sales enterprises. It thus took a very long time for meat to reach customers.
The NH Foods Group decided to eliminate that problem and deliver the freshest meat by creating a vertical integration system that encompasses everything from production and breeding through to sales.
We consider it our mission and creed as a meat supplier to supply fresh products as soon as possible and address any customer concerns about the quality of our breeding and sanitation management.