NH Foods Chile

NH Foods Chile was stablished in Chile in 1988, and is engaged in production, treatment and processing of marine products, and procurement and sales of pork.
The company's business location is surrounded by Andes Mountains and the Pacific Ocean.
We deliver the regional delicious foods and special products particular to this area to Japan and around the world.

Andes Kogen-buta

Chile is surrounded by nature on all sides, including the Pacific Ocean, mountains, deserts, and with Antarctica to the South. The environment prevents pathogens and viruses from invading in Chile.
The unique pork raised in this safe environment is delivered to Japan and around the world as "Andes Kogen-buta *".

* "Andes Kogen-buta is the Chilean pork that initially created in collaboration with NH Foods Group and the largest Chilean hog company, Agrosuper S.A..

▲We pursue safety and security by thoroughly managing the process from breeding to processing.

▲Audits of both the processing and treatment plants are conducted daily by inspectors of NH Foods Chile and we respond to customer requests appropriately.

▲The factory has obtained HACCP certification, and controls safety and health top thoroughly.

▲Pork exported to Japan is mainly utilized as material for restaurants, side dishes, and processed products.

Fisheries business

Chile's terrain extends 4,329 km North and South and borders the Pacific Ocean. The country possesses abundant marine resources and we mainly produce, treat and process marine products such as sea urchins, and deliver the products to Japan and around the world.

▲Much experienced divers catch sea urchins by hand, and supply to NH Foods Chile exclusively. The sea urchins are delivered to the factory with retaining the freshness.
Sea urchins are individually processed by hand at our own factory, with meticulous quality control in respect of taste, color, odor and removing any foreign substances.

▲NH Foods Chile handles sea urchins, as well as squid and seaweed that are landed from the various fishing grounds in Chile.

NH Foods Chile business base

The headquarter of NH Foods Chile in Santiago procures and sells pork and marine products.
Marine products are produced, treated and processed at three factories located inPuerto Montt, Punta Arenas and Valparaiso.

Santiago (head office) Puerto Montt (plant) Punta Arenas (plant)