Environmental Activities

We are undertaking various environmental activities, whose aims include reducing environmental impact, to contribute to social sustainability.

EMS Certification

The NH Foods Group has secured ISO 14001 certification, and is appropriately building and deploying environmental management systems.

Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions

The NH Foods Group undertakes ongoing efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from its business activities.

Water Consumption

We use water effectively as a vital resource for our production activities, and endeavor to reduce environmental impact.

Reducing Waste

We endeavor to properly manage waste and constrain waste generation while recycling to effectively use and conserve limited resources.

Reducing Packaging

We report on efforts to simplify packaging and commission the reuse of packaging on products.

Life Cycle Assessment

The NH Foods Group conducts life cycle assessments of its products and discloses information on the environmental impact of its offerings.

Keep the Forest

As participants in Japan's Corporate Forests program, NH Foods Group employees work with customers in forest protection activities in three locations around Japan.

Environmental Compliance

The NH Foods Group ensures compliance with environmental laws and ordinances by conducting internal environmental audits. We take appropriate action when identifying law violations.