Respect for Human Rights

Respect for Human Rights

Basic Views

Based on the belief that our employees are the “precious assets” of NH Foods Group, we see our employees as “human resources” and are well aware that respecting fundamental human rights is one of our main social responsibilities.

“The NH Foods Group Action Standards” provide that we will not engage in any discriminatory treatment or harassment on the basis of sex, age, nationality, religion, creed, social status, disability, and so on, such that we can create a better corporate culture and respect fundamental human rights. In addition, we set forth the NH Foods Group CSR Procurement Policy and the NH Foods Group CSR Procurement Guidelines to prevent human rights problems through our business transactions and supply chains.

Related Policies, etc.

Promotion Systems

The CSR Procurement Policy is carried out in collaboration with the Compliance Department, Human Resources Department, Sustainability Department, and each Group company and business office.

Future Initiatives

We will conduct employee training and education regarding harassment, communication, and other topics and practice CSR procurement in the supply chain.