President's Message

We are embarking on a new challenge of engaging our corporate philosophy to provide the joy of eating as we seek to fulfill our Vision2030 corporate ideal to Unleash new potentials for protein.

We are facing an unprecedented business environment caused by developments ranging from world population growth as well as climate change and intensifying environmental issues. In addition, geopolitical risks such as the conflict in Ukraine have led to soaring prices for raw materials, fuel, and feed while the yen has weakened due to the discrepancy of interest rates in Japan and the United States and labor costs are rising in Japan and around the world.

In these adverse conditions, we are rededicating ourselves to fulfilling our role as a vital company to food infrastructure providing a stable source of protein and joining forces with our business partners to create new value for protein following our corporate philosophy of “Under the basic theme of the joy of eating , our company creates a culture that marks an epoch and contributes to society.”

Under Medium-Term Management Plan 2026 that will start in April 2024, we will conduct structural reform and implement growth strategies that will further strengthen the value we currently provide while also advancing business strategies that will create new value.

The key to carrying out these strategies is the motivation of each of our employees to take on the challenge. Our company was built on the motto of founder Yoshinori Okoso for “tenacious pursuit of progress and success in the face of adversity.” We are intensifying that spirit by reforming the corporate culture and strengthening our management of human capital.

The Hokkaido Ballpark F Village that opened in March 2023 embodies that spirit. We are engaging our resources in Japan and around the world for co-creation with a wide variety of partners to contribute to society by developing the infinite potential of protein.

Nobuhisa Ikawa
President and Representative Director