Water Stewardship

Water Stewardship

Basic Views

Water is a key resource that is essential for our business activities. There are concerns that regions where access to water will deteriorate (water stress) as a result of climate change and economic activity will increase around the world. It is with this understanding that the NH Foods Group strives to reduce its environmental impact by effectively using limited water resources in its business activities and by discharging wastewater following proper treatment.


One of the Five Materialities is Contributing to a sustainable environment. Based on this, we have set medium- to long-term targets to be achieved by 2030.
Water is one of the planet’s most important resources, and so we have set targets for reducing the amount of water used and are promoting activities such as addressing water stress.

Promotion Systems

Please refer to promotion systems on the environmental management page.
Policies, policy formulation, and initiatives are discussed by the Sustainability Committee, deliberated on by management committees, and referred to the Board of Directors, which is the decision-making body.

Major Initiatives

Responsible Water Usage

Wastewater Management

Water Risk Assessment