Food Education Programs

Food Education Programs

Basic Views

Our business starts with nurturing the lives of livestock. Eating means to receive life. It is for this reason that we feel it is important to feel gratitude for the gift of life nurtured by nature. We also believe that properly conveying this importance is our mission as a business enterprise that is involved with food. Through a variety of food education programs, we seek to convey information on how to eat right, enjoy eating, and value food.

Slogan and Food Education Policies

  1. We support mental and physical well-being through proper eating habits.
    The first step in food education is developing an interest in eating. The Group supports mental and physical well-being through proper eating habits based on an understanding of what the foods we eat are made from, how they are useful for physical development, and what should be eaten for good health.
  2. We provide opportunities for people to enjoy and love food.
    The Group provides hands-on opportunities to enjoy eating by stimulating the five senses through programs such as factory tours, sausage making, and cooking classes.
  3. We nurture a mindset that appreciates the “gift of life” and values food.
    Our dietary practices are created from the lives of plants and animals. The business of the Group is nurturing life, and we promote a mindset of gratitude for the gift of life and valuing food.

Promotion Systems

The Communication Strategy Division implements a variety of programs nationwide through in-class lessons and at KidZania. The division also shares information on activities undertaken by individual Group companies at their various sites such as factory tours and cooking classes and conducts food education activities for the Group.

Major Initiatives

Future Initiatives

The Group will continue to actively implement hands-on food education activities that appeal to the five senses and contribute to solving health-related issues so that all customers can experience the joy of eating.