Policies and Dividends

Overview of Shareholder Return Policies and Dividends

Shareholder Return Policies

With regard to the determination of the distribution of retained earnings, etc., it is NH Foods Ltd.’s policy to pay dividends on a consistent basis. This is seen as part of NH Foods Ltd.’s capital policy aimed at realizing an optimal capital and liability composition with the aim of improving medium- to long-term corporate value.

Under its basic policy, NH Foods Ltd. will distribute its retained earnings, with the aim of pursuing stable and continuous dividend growth, using dividend on equity (DOE) of approximately 2.3% as a standard.

NH Foods Ltd. will acquire treasury stock in a flexible manner for the purpose of improving per-share shareholder value and ROE, in consideration of investments towards growth and its financial position. NH Foods Ltd. will make effective use of the internal reserve funds as a source of investments that will maintain and improve its competitiveness for years to come.

Shareholder Dividends

Cash dividends per share (yen)

Dividend Payment Eligibility

Shareholders of record as of March 31 are eligible for dividends. For FY2022(Period ended March, 2022), the Company paid cash dividends of ¥110 per share on June 2,2023