Shareholder Return Policies and Dividends

Overview of Shareholder Return Policies and Dividends

Shareholder Return Policies

With regard to the determination of the distribution of retained earnings, etc., it is NH Foods Ltd.’s policy to pay dividends according to business results on a consistent basis, while increasing its internal reserve in order to strengthen its corporate fundamentals as the basis for long-range development. In addition, NH Foods Ltd. intends to make effective use of the internal reserve as a source of investments which will maintain its competitiveness and attain sustained growth for the years to come, with the aim of maintaining and strengthening its financial structure.

NH Foods Ltd. will pursue stable and continuous dividend growth, using a consolidated payout ratio of 30% under its basic policy to distribute profits according to its consolidated performance.

NH Foods Ltd. will acquire treasury stock in a flexible manner for the purpose of improving per-share shareholder value and ROE, in consideration of investments towards growth and its financial position.

Shareholder Dividends

Cash dividends per share (yen)

3/09 3/10 3/11 3/12 3/13 3/14 3/15 3/16 3/17 3/18
16.0 16.0 16.0 18.0* 24.0 37.0 46.0 33.0 52.0 53.0

* Including 70th anniversary commemorative dividend of ¥2 per share

Dividend Payment Eligibility

Shareholders of record as of March 31 of each year are eligible for dividend payments. For fiscal 2017, ended March 31, 2018, the Company paid cash dividends of ¥53 per share on June 4.