2023 Integrated Report

Our goal under the NH Foods Group Vision2030 is to “unleash new potentials for protein”. We are working to achieve this by integrating our business strategy with our sustainability strategy as the basis for our ongoing initiatives to drive the growth and development of the NH Foods Group while also providing solutions for social issues. This report is a record of our progress toward the transformation of the NH Foods Group, the achievement of the targets in our Medium-Term Management Plan, and the realization of our Materialities.

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Our value creation story

This section traces the history of value creation leading to the transformation and reinvention of the NH Foods Group. In addition to messages from top management and the CFO, this part of the report also describes our medium- to long-term value creation processes and progress under Medium-Term Management Plans 2023/2026. It also includes a special feature titled “Protein and the NH Foods Group”.


Tenacious pursuit of progress and success in the face of adversity—
The NH Foods Group is fully committed to revitalization through reforms.

Protein and
the NH Foods Group

The NH Foods Group has worked with protein throughout its history and supports food infrastructure through its role as one of Japan’s biggest suppliers of protein. This special feature examines our approaches to the challenges of stably  procuring and supplying protein and creating diverse protein products.

Business and growth strategies

Presented here are our growth strategies for each segment, together with information about progress and results. There is also a special feature about Hokkaido and the NH Foods Group.

Hokkaido and
the NH Foods Group

A history of partnership

Hokkaido, a region of Japan known for its awe-inspiring natural landscapes, is home to around 20% of our business sites. This section describes co-creation initiatives by the NH Foods Group in areas ranging from livestock breeding and production to entertainment.

Sustainability management

The NH Foods Group is committed to the realization of its Five Materialities (key issues) and the ongoing enhancement of corporate governance. This section focuses on our human resource strategy as part of these efforts. It also includes a governance discussion, and a message from the Chairperson of the Executive Nomination Committee.

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