Personal Information Protection Policy

NH Foods Ltd. (the “Company”, “we”, “our”) recognizes the importance of personal information and strives to carry out complete control over acquisition of personal information, proper use and thorough management of such information while adhering to laws and regulations. By doing that, we aim to become a company which can be trusted by customers and to able to implement social mission.

1. Acquisition of Personal Information

The Company will acquire customer’s personal information through appropriate and fair means.

2. Use of Personal Information

  1. The Company will only use customer’s personal information to the extent necessary to execute our businesses, which will be within the scope of the purpose of use expressed when acquiring the personal information.
  2. If the Company jointly uses customer’s personal information with its subsidiaries and affiliated companies, it will carry out proper use, management and supervision.
  3. The Company may provide customer’s personal information to its contractors within the scope of proper purpose of use. We will require the contractors to strictly manage personal information.

3. Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

Except where provided under laws and regulations etc., the Company will not provide or disclose personal information of customers to any third party, without the consent of the customer.

4. Management of Personal Information

  1. The Company will maintain accuracy of the personal information and safely manage it.
  2. The Company will implement proper information security measures against unauthorized access and computer virus etc., in order to prevent losses, destruction, falsification and divulgation of personal information.
  3. The Company will not allow divulgation of personal information through unnecessary taking out from the Company and by sending it outside of the Company.
  4. The Company will implement trainings on protection and appropriate management of customer’s personal information to our officers and employees. The Company will thoroughly carry out proper handling of customer’s personal information in our daily businesses.

5. Disclosure, Correction, Suspension of Use and Deletion of Retained Personal Data

When the Company receives a request from customers of disclosure, correction, suspension of use, or deletion of the customer’s retained personal data which we hold, the Company will handle such request to the extent reasonable range under the prescribed procedure, upon confirming that the request was made by the principal person of such personal data.

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Note: Inquiries over phone can be received Monday through Friday (except public holidays) from 9:00AM to noon and from 1:00 PM to 5:30 PM (except on the Company’s Year-end and New Year Holidays as well as Bon Holiday Break). We will not receive any request if it was made upon actual visits to the Company. Thank you for your understanding.

Revised as of April 1, 2019
NH Foods Group
NH Foods Ltd.
President and Representative Director
Yoshihide Hata