Our Approach

Our Approach
Our Approach We Strive to be a Business Enterprise that Supports People’s Future Well-Being


Promoting Good Health through Food and Sports.

In line with our message of “promoting good health through food and sports,”
we undertake various activities that support people’s mental and physical well-being.

The Aspiration of Founder Yoshinori Okoso:
Contribute to Society through Food and Sports

When the company’s founder created Nippon-Ham Baseball, the predecessor to the Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters, he declared that he would “contribute to society through food and sports.” We have carried on the spirit of the founder and strive to contribute to creating healthy minds and bodies.

“For young people, the future leaders of our country, to grow up healthy, it is essential that they participate in sports. I believe that if the provision of animal protein contributes to society by promoting good health and physical well-being, then making every effort to develop a sound professional baseball team also contributes to society.

I intend to make every possible effort, as best I can, to support the good health and physical well-being of the public through these two businesses.”

Excerpt from an internal newsletter issued November 19, 1973

Founder Yoshinori Okoso watching baseball with young Fighters fans
Founder Yoshinori Okoso watching baseball with young Fighters fans