Healthy Living Initiatives

Healthy Living Initiatives

Basic Views

The NH Foods Group believes that contributing to the health of consumers is one of its important missions as a food manufacturer.
Enrichment of lives through food is one of our Five Materialities (key issues), and we will continue to focus on developing health-conscious items and providing information on extending healthy life expectancy.

Major Initiatives

Stipulating Health as a Common Quality

We have formulated Quality Assurance Regulations, which identify not only the basic food criteria of safety and deliciousness, but also health, the environment, and usability as common quality perspectives for our food development activities. In addition to encouraging people to consume more beneficial nutritional elements, such as proteins, we will also explore the factors that make people reluctant to consume these elements, while continuing to design and develop products and provide information to promote a more balanced diet.

Examples of health-conscious development design and information provision

  • Supply of protein-rich foods
  • Supply of products that offset potential nutritional deficiencies
  • Introduction of more products to meet the needs of people with food allergies and diverse values
  • Supply of products with reduced salt and fats, etc.

Expanding our Range of Health-Conscious Items

We will continue to focus on developing a variety of health-conscious items.

■Examples of health-conscious items

Sugar-free, high-protein
Sugar-free, high-protein
Healthy Kitchen Zero Roast Ham
With added calcium
With added calcium
Skinless Winny
With dietary fiber
With dietary fiber
NatuMeat Hamburger Steak (demi-glace style)
Roast Chicken for Salad-Plain
Contains Bifidobacterium lactis HN019 With added calcium and iron
Contains Bifidobacterium lactis HN019 With added calcium and iron
Bidobacterial Yogurt
High-protein, non-fat
High-protein, non-fat
Ísey SKYR-Vanilla

Development and Sales of Health Foods

The NH Foods Ltd. Research and Development Center uses the NH Foods Group’s abundant biological resources to extract materials such as imidazole dipeptide, placenta extract, and collagen, scientifically evaluating their safety and effectiveness for commercialization.

NH Foods Healthcare Online is an online store that sells health foods and offers services that help people live a healthy life.

Preventing Frailty in Elderly People

Preventing Frailty in Elderly PeoplePreventing Frailty in Elderly People
Frailty is a condition that occurs as bodily and mental functions decline with age, and it is often one of the final steps before an individual starts needing nursing care.
We are working with the Kansai Medical University on joint research into frailty since 2021. This involved a trial in which individuals requiring nursing care or support received daily nursing care that included short periods of functional training, and also took appropriate exercise and ate processed foods containing high levels of protein. The results showed that the program had an effect on preventing frailty by improving gripping strength and walking speed. Moreover, in 2023, we concluded a joint research agreement with Kansai Medical University, Heiwado Co., Ltd., and Koga Software Inc., as part of a social collaboration course titled “Scientifically Studying Health Based on Food and Exercise,” and launched a frailty prevention program for the elderly.

Understanding Aging Mechanisms

“To control the effects of aging using cutting-edge technologies.”
This is the dream guiding a project being conducted by the University of Tokyo Graduate School of Frontier Sciences.
NH Foods Ltd. has established Future Food and Aging Design Research as a social cooperation program and is implementing food intervention studies on middle-aged and elderly subjects to gather health information and improve dietary habits. The data collected through the studies will be comprehensively analyzed using AI technology and it is expected that this will lead to an understanding of the mechanisms of aging and the identification of indicators for measuring the effects of aging.
The ultimate aim is to provide services that will empower elderly people to realize long and healthy lives through their own efforts, which we have named “aging design.”

Announcing a Commitment at Tokyo Nutrition for Growth Summit 2021

NH Foods Ltd. expressed its commitment to realizing a sustainable society at the Tokyo Nutrition for Growth Summit 2021, an international conference hosted by the Government of Japan.
Under our mission of providing a stable supply of the protein that forms our bodies, since our founding in 1942, the Group has expanded our business scope and the value we deliver to our customers in order to create the Joy of Eating as our corporate philosophy. In fiscal 2021, we launched Vision 2030, which incorporates the Group's desire to create diverse eating situations and to provide continuous support for healthy diets every day. In addition to the value we have offered to date, we will achieve this goal by extending the potential of protein through unfettered imagination that is freed from traditional understanding. Going forward, we will strive to solve social issues through our business activities and will contribute to the formation of a sustainable society, namely by promoting both our business and sustainability strategies while adapting to changes in the social environment and lifestyles.

Overview of the Group’s commitment

Goal/action plan Key indicator
1. Food allergy-related initiatives
・Increase the amount of relevant products shipped
・Develop testing kits for labelling items that have recently become mandated by law
・Ship four billion yen worth of products by fiscal 2030
・Launch new testing kits
2. Offer a greater choice of protein
・Expand sales of plant-derived protein products
・Explore new alternative protein sources
・Ship 10 billion yen worth of products by fiscal 2030
・Launch products developed from research into new proteins
3. Develop and promote products that extend healthy lives within a super-aging society
・Launch products developed from patented substances that improve cognitive functions
・Provide three million meals a year by fiscal 2026

What is the Nutrition for Growth Summit?

On the occasion of each Olympic Games, the Nutrition for Growth Summit is held with the aim of building international momentum for improving nutrition. Influenced by the Hunger Summit hosted by then British Prime Minister David Cameron on the final day of the 2012 London Olympics, the first Nutrition for Growth Summit was held in London the following year in 2013. The Summit was held again in Rio in 2016, followed by the Tokyo Nutrition for Growth Summit 2021 in December 2021.
TOKYO NUTRITION FOR GROWTH SUMMIT 2021 Foods, Health, & Prosperity for All