Basic Views

The NH Foods Group conducts business activities that are in harmony with the environment in order to achieve a sustainable society.
Rich soil and oceans that provide the bounty of nature are essential for the business activities of the NH Foods Group, whose work stems from these resources.
In order to pass down the rich soil and oceans to the next generation, the NH Foods Group respects the workings of nature in each business area and works to prevent environmental pollution and reduce the environmental burden by appropriately managing and continually improving environmental management systems.

Promotion Systems

Please refer to promotion systems on the environmental management page.

Major Initiatives

Pollution prevention initiatives

We appropriately manage environmental management systems, works to prevent pollution.

Natural Environment Preservation Activities

We will undertake forest and ocean preservation activities.

Use of certified products

The group is committed to sustainable raw material sourcing.

Future Initiatives

Going forward, the Group will undertake forest and ocean preservation activities while carrying out its business with consideration for the impact of its business activities on biodiversity.