Environmental Management

Environmental Management

Basic Views

Gratitude for the gifts of nature—this is the fundamental approach regarding environment measures of NH Foods Ltd. and its subsidiaries (the “Group”).
We foster the lives of cattle, hogs, chickens, and other livestock amidst the nature created by the environment of the earth and benefit from the bounty of nature.
We believe that it is our responsibility to protect the natural environment that nurtures these lives and cherish the bounty of nature without waste.

Environmental Policies of the Group

The NH Foods Group formulated its Environmental Charter in August 1998 as its basic policy on environmental conservation. We revamped the initiative in April 2011 as the NH Foods Group Environmental Policy.
Every individual Group employee undertakes a variety of environmental conservation efforts in keeping with this policy.

Environmental Policies of the NH Foods Group

In appreciation of nature's blessings, we at the NH Foods Group will promote environmentally sound business activities toward the realization of a sustainable society.

  1. Environmentally conscious products and servicesWe will strive to develop products and provide services that arc environmentally conscious.
  2. Improvement of environmental performanceWe will strive to conserve energy and resources and reduce adverse environmental impact that may arise during the course from our business activities.
  3. Continual improvementsWe will make continual improvements through the effective application of our environmental management system.
  4. ComplianceWe will strive to enhance the level of our environmental conservation by complying with applicable legal requirements and, when appropriate, setting our own requirements.
  5. Cooperation with communitiesWe will work together with our host communities to promote environmental activities through close communications with them.

Environmental Declaration

In April 1998, senior management issued a declaration to Group employees that measures to address environmental problems would be included among management issues.

Environmental Declaration

Looking to the 21st century, environmental problems are among the most important issues that we face.
Today, we live in a prosperous society where we are able to fully enjoy the gifts of nature created by the global environment and the benefits of civilization.
In order to support this prosperity, however, we use, consume, and discard massive amounts of resources and energy. As a result, global environmental problems that threaten the foundations of human existence including global warming, acid rain, and destruction of the ozone layer have occurred.
It is necessary that we take the global environment into consideration in our ordinary business activities and day-to-day lives. It is essential that we preserve the beauty of the earth for the benefit of our children.
Based on the concept of producing food that creates happiness, the Group has contributed to making connections with people around the world and to creating healthy and happy lives for all people.
We, the members of the NH Foods Group, believe that addressing these environmental problems is our responsibility and our mission as a business enterprise. We have made respect for the workings of nature, achieving harmony with the natural environment in our business activities, and acting in an environmentally friendly manner a part of our management issues. The Group requires that all personnel engage in environmentally-friendly practices in business activities and their day-to-day lives.

Promotion Systems

The NH Foods Group strive to reduce adverse environmental impact and comply with laws and regulations in accordance with the Environmental Policies of the NH Foods Group. The environmental data of each company and operating division and the management of progress made toward targets is handled by the Sustainability Committee and other forums. When necessary, the committee discusses issues and relevant measures and make proposals to the Board of Directors on matters such as response. Following this, the Sustainability Department, which acts as the committee secretariat, coordinates with the relevant business divisions to build an implementation structure.

Environmental Management System

1. PLAN Determine environmental policies and targets 2. DO Take action 3. CHECK Checking the status of efforts and results on a regular basis 4. ACTION Investigate the direction of measures for the following fiscal year

Major Initiatives

Environmental Targets and Results

The group has set medium- to long-term environmental targets and is implementing improvement activities in order to reduce the environmental impact of its business activities.

Material Flow

In order to get an overall picture of the environmental impacts caused by business activities, environmental data such as energy consumption and the volume of waste generated is collected.

Acquisition of ISO 14001 Certification

The Group has acquired ISO 14001 certification for environmental management systems and works to make continuous improvements.

Future Initiatives

Going forward, we will work to disseminate the medium-term environmental targets in order to realize “Vision2030”, determine actual conditions, set individual targets for each Group company and business division, and adopt improvement proposals. We will raise environmental performance with a focus on environmental targets that satisfy global standards. We will also take action to establish structures for the prompt determination and implementation of measures and expand the scope of environmental data collection both in Japan and overseas.