Business Policy

The NH Foods Group advocates, as two key factors of its corporate philosophy: Under the basic theme of “Joy of Eating,” our company creates a culture that marks an epoch and contributes to society; Our company is a place where employees can feel truly happy and fulfilled. The Group engages in a wide range of businesses with a mission of management to contribute to people’s happy and healthy life through supply of safe, secure and high-quality foods.
The “joy of eating” represents the excitement of good eating and preciousness of health and we will actively focus our efforts on proposals of various occasions for eating and the creation of a food culture, as well as support of health promotion through sports, among others.

We also believe that the Group’s business is a socially important business as it will secure a stable supply of foods into the future by nurturing living nature and producing foods while feeling grateful for blessings of nature.
We believe that by engaging in such business, our employees will feel happy and do their work with a sense of satisfaction, which will consequently lead us to provide products and services acceptable to consumers.

Led by our Group Brand Statement of “The Brilliance of People for the Future of Food,” all Group employees share the “Group Brand Pledges” as our vision and values, and convey them to all the stakeholders we deal with through our brands. Our goal is to become the world leader in delivering the “Joy of Eating” by carrying out business in line with our four management objectives: “Value the bounty of nature,” “Uncompromising commitment to quality,” “Explore the new potential of food,” and “Contribute to people’s happy and healthy life.”