Business Policy

The NH Foods Group advocates, as two key factors of its corporate philosophy: Under the basic theme of the joy of eating, our company creates a culture that marks an epoch and contributes to society; Our company is a place where employees can feel truly happy and fulfilled.
the joy of eating represents the “pleasures of good eating” and the “joys of health” brought about by “Eating.” Believing that this is the starting point for people’s well-being we at the NH Foods Group strive to pursue “customer satisfaction” by bringing this the joy of eating to people everywhere. Delivering the joy of eating and thereby contributing to people’s health and happiness is our mission.
The NH Foods Group also aims to become a corporate group worthy of lifelong commitment by all employees. Doing one’s best for the sake of oneself, the company, and society will bring happiness to all employees of the NH Foods Group and simultaneously lay the foundations for Group management.

In April 2021, the NH Foods Group formulated "Vision2030" as a milestone in the pursuit of its corporate philosophy and identified "Five Materialities" as the social issues to be solved on a priority basis toward the realization of "Vision2030”.

The NH Foods Group advance a sustainability strategy that combines business strategy with the achievement of our materialities and strive to solve social issues in order to deliver the joy of eating.