Communicating with customers

Communicating with customers

Basic Views

To promote consumer-oriented management, NH Foods Ltd. follows a communication cycle of "listening, knowing, and using" to increase customer satisfaction and improve products and services.
Communication Cycle
Communication Cycle

Consumer-Oriented Voluntary Declaration

NH Foods Ltd. established its corporate philosophies and management principles in 1986 and revised the Action Guidelines in 2010. We undertake business activities in accordance with this NH Foods Group Identity. We recently announced the Consumer-Oriented Voluntary Declaration to promote consumer-oriented management even further.

Consumer-Oriented Voluntary Declaration

Corporate Philosophies

  1. Under the basic theme of “joy of eating,” our company creates a culture that marks an epoch and contributes to society.
  2. Our company is a place where employees can feel truly happy and fulfilled.

Management Principles

  1. Act with noble ideals and the determination to achieve them.
  2. Learn from others, teach others, and be willing to be taught by others.
  3. Create the times by meeting the needs of the times.
  4. Expand relationships through quality and service, and take responsibility for all people with whom we have relationships.
  5. Strive for a highly functional organization.

Action Guidelines

The NH Foods Group endeavors to make a contribution to society through food. We take pride in our position as members of the NH Foods Group, and are aware of all that membership entails.

We will:

  1. Always maintain a customer-oriented perspective and act accordingly.
  2. Show our gratitude for society’s trust in us by acting with integrity.
  3. Strive to anticipate the changing times and overcome challenges proactively and with courage.
  4. Set ourselves challenging goals, and work to achieve them with enthusiasm and ingenuity.
  5. Endeavor to develop selves, enhance each other, and join forces to conduct the business of the company.

Action Policies

  1. Commitment by top management
    - Establish a corporate culture with a customer perspective and strive to be a business enterprise that continues to be selected and supported by customers.
    - Value connections with customers and society and use them to improve the quality of products, management, and human resources.
  2. Ensure corporate governance
    Share information regarding customer comments and opinions with executives including directors and use that information in management.
  3. Foster a corporate culture with a customer perspective
    Implement the communication cycle of “listening, knowing, and using” based on customer comments and pursue customer satisfaction.
    Create and spread structures for listening to and learning about customer comments to raise the level of the customer’s perspective.
    Encourage employees to undergo customer response training and acquire specialized qualifications to enhance customer communication skills.
  4. Collaborate with relevant internal divisions
    Endeavor to respond promptly, accurately, and courteously from the customer’s perspective to customer indications in collaboration with relevant internal divisions to turn customers who make indications into fans.
    Share information concerning customer comments with relevant internal divisions promptly and create periodic opportunities for investigation to use that information in improvement and development.
  5. Take action that places importance on connections with society
    Encourage two-way communications between consumers and the Group by engaging in activities that place importance on connections with society such as cooking classes, in-class lessons at elementary and junior high schools, the Consumer Delegate Committee, various volunteer activities, tools for providing information to consumers, and CSR related reports.

Established January 5, 2017
Yoshihide Hata
President and Representative Director
NH Foods Ltd.

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Personal Information Protection Policy

Personal Information Protection Policy

Promotion Systems

VOC: Voice of Customers & Consumers

The Group has created systems for reflecting customer comments and opinions in business by establishing Customer Support Desks to receive customer comments by telephone, email, mail, and so on. Responses to indications and inquiries received from customers are handled primarily by the NH Foods Ltd. Customer Service Department and Customer Support Desks established at each Group company, and the VOC activities that make use of customer comments are conducted for employees and executives.

Systems for Reflecting Customer Comments in Business
Systems for Reflecting Customer Comments in Business

Future Initiatives

Through the products and services that the Group provides, we will lead the realization of a better society and improved earnings capacity. Our fundamental policies are as follows: (1) raise customer satisfaction by improving response quality; (2) Enhance consumer understanding through VOC activities; and (3) promote customer-oriented management. We will undertake business activities that lead to consumer value with these three policies as our foundation.