Waste and Use of Resources

Waste and Use of Resources

Basic Views

The sources of the Group’s business are the gifts of the earth and its expansive natural environment as well as the vast bounty of nature. It is for this reason that we make full use of the bounty of nature without waste, effectively use limited resources to protect the bounty and abundance of nature and good environments, and strive to achieve a sustainable society.


One of the Five Materialities is Contributing to a sustainable environment. Based on this, we have set Medium- to long-term targets for 2030.
We are also setting goals and promoting activities to reduce waste emissions and recycle resources.

Promotion Systems

Please refer to promotion systems on the environmental management page.
Policies, policy formulation, and initiatives are discussed by the Sustainability Committee, deliberated on by management committees, and referred to the Board of Directors, which is the decision-making body.

Major Initiatives

Reducing Livestock Waste

Manure Management

Reducing Packaging Waste

Reducing Plastic Pollution