The NH Foods Group is only able to carry out its business activities with the support of all its stakeholders, including our customers, local communities, business partners, shareholders and other investors, as well as our employees.

In order to fulfil the expectations and earn the trust of our stakeholders, we intend to execute our responsibilities and duties to society with self-awareness and pride.

Communicating with Our Key Stakeholders

Key Stakeholders and Our Approach Communication Opportunities
Consumers We believe it is our responsibility to provide our customers with high quality offering for safety, reliability, satisfaction, and happiness.
We also aim to achieve customer satisfaction through a cycle of customer-oriented communications that comprises “listening,” “knowing,” and “using.”
  • Customer Support Desks
  • Consumer Delegate Committee
  • Customer Surveys (quantitative and qualitative)
  • Social media
  • Plant tours
  • Various events and seminars
Business partners Our procurement activities are rooted in the NH Foods Group Sustainable Procurement Policy; we intend to establish relationships of trust with our business partners and work with them to realize co-existence and mutual prosperity.
  • Daily business activities
Governments We intend to comply with the laws and regulations of each of the countries and regions we operate in, actively exchange information with governments, and develop our business.
If we realize that accidents have occurred, or if we think there is a risk that accidents might occur, we will report this to the relevant authorities and work hard to investigate and identify the causes.
  • Participation in various committees hosted by governments and industry groups
  • Catering to laws and regulations
  • Dialogue with government officials
Shareholders and other investors In order to establish relationships of trust with our shareholders and other investors, we place great importance on communication and try to ensure that we incorporate the opinions and requests we receive into our corporate activities.
  • Shareholders’ meeting
  • Analyst Meeting for Business Results
  • Dialogue with institutional investors
  • Dialogue with individual investors
  • IR information website
  • Corporate bulletins
The environment Our goal is to protect the life-giving natural environment and to fully enable the bounty of nature to flourish; to this end, we intend to promote corporate activities that are in harmony with the environment, based on the NH Foods Group Environmental Policies.
  • Promotion of environmental management
  • Environmental conservation activities
  • Environmental impact reduction activities
  • Visualization of environmental impact
Employees We aim to establish a place where employees can feel truly happy and fulfilled.
In addition, we are engaged in activities that seek to develop employee awareness and skills, realize a healthy work-life balance, promote diversity, and maintain healthy minds and bodies.
  • Human resources development
  • Company newsletters and Intranet
  • Various meetings (exhibitions and compliance)
  • Internal reporting hotline
  • Employee engagement surveys
  • Dialogue between labor and management
Local communities As both a member of local communities and a good corporate citizen, the NH Foods Group aims to actively engage in communications that contribute to sustainable regional development. We also intend to consider both what we can do and what is expected of us, and exist in harmony with local communities.
  • Participation in and donations to community events
  • Participation in local volunteer activities
  • Factory tours
  • Nature conservation activities
  • Food education activities
  • Sports classes
Societies worldwide We seek to accurately understand international rules, as well as the laws, histories, cultures, and customs of the various countries and regions we operate in, and we intend to work hard to comply with and respect them.
  • Contributions to SDGs
  • Cooperation with international organizations and industry groups

Major Initiatives

We are promoting CSR activities while recognizing the importance of dialogue with our stakeholders.

Dialogue with Shareholders and Other Investors

The Group holds briefings, private meetings, and facility tours for shareholders and other investors so that they can better understand the Group’s business content and policies. In this way, the Group is working hard to communicate with and disclose information to its shareholders and other investors.

Fiscal 2022 Activities and Results

Activity Frequency
Private meetings with institutional investors 169 times
Overseas IR(Online) 9 bases
Facility tours for institutional investors
※See off to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection
0 time
Analyst Meeting for Business Results for institutional investors 4 times
Medium-Term Management Plan Progress Briefing for institutional investors
Medium-Term Management Plan 2023
2 times
Small meetings for institutional investors 7 times
NH Foods Group Sustainability Conference
IR Events Materials
1 times
Engagement Meetings 27 times
IR Events Materials
1 times
Online Corporate briefings for individual investors 2 time
Online Corporate briefings for individual shareholders 1 time