Research & Development

Since starting operations as a producer of hams and sausages, the NH Foods Group has broadened its operations to offer various food ingredients and products, including many processed foods, marine products, and dairy products. On top of the great taste of its products, the Group has added pleasure, joy, and health by expanding into such future growth areas as the health food market.
The Group's central research institute, the NH Foods Ltd. Research and Development Center (RDC), has explored new areas under the banner of food safety and security, foods and ingredients that enhance health, and the development of high-quality fresh meat production technologies that enhance taste.

Sustainable Production of Food

RDC contributes to the technical evolvement of the Group’s integration system from upstream to downstream areas of food business. Our efforts include scientific research on palatability, developing techniques to improve productivity of farms, developing high-quality meat products such as “brand meats”, and research on techniques to contribute to a sustainable society.

Happy Food, Happy Life

We are engaged in the research of food allergies, as well as functional ingredients found in livestock and marine products that can be useful in maintaining and promoting health. In addition, we have assigned registered dietitians to provide nutritional support to the professional baseball team Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters and the academy of J.LEAGUE club soccer team Cerezo OSAKA. Based on knowledge gained through these activities, we are working to realize a healthy society through food and sports.

World-leading Expertise in Food Safety

RDC plays a key role in development and propagation of food testing methods related to the Group’s food safety standards. We are developing testing methods for allergens, food pathogens, toxins, and chemical residues which can be harmful to customers’ health.

Creating New Value

We are utilizing our biological resources to develop and commercialize food ingredients, such as collagen and placenta, customers’ health. We have also developed health foods named Imida-no-chikara, which contains imidazole dipeptide, which is effective in reducing fatigue and found in high concentrations in chicken meat. This product is now used by many athletes.