Group Policies

Quality Policies

The NH Foods Group leverages its proprietary quality assurance system to realize transparency in food production.

We have created an Open Quality* system that is based in our conviction that our efforts to offer safe, high-quality products must reflect customer perspectives, and that to the best of our ability we must disclose the information that customers require.

At the same time, we have deployed five fundamental quality improvement policies to ensure product quality that both satisfies and inspires customers. We have also built a customer-oriented quality assurance network-facilitated by close, organic collaborations among Group businesses-that extends from farm to table.

※Open Quality
  1. 1:Open = Disclosing all the information that customers desire.
  2. 2:Quality = Delivering the value that customers want, including safety, security, and flavor.

The NH Foods Group's Quality Assurance Policy

2015 edition

We, the members of the NH Foods Group, will strive in all of our business undertakings to measure up to customers' expectations and trust by ensuring
"Open Quality", i.e., an open approach to our food production process.

  • Compliance
    We will comply with the NH Foods Group's Quality Assurance Provision, as well as with all relevant laws and regulations.
  • Quality assurance network
    We will ensure that information is shared among all our businesses, thereby establishing a quality assurance system in cooperation.
  • Objective evaluations
    We will seek objective evaluations by third-party institutions to continually improve the level of our quality assurance.
  • Traceability
    We will ensure traceability of our products throughout the entire process of our business, from purchasing, production, manufacturing to sales.
  • Customers relations
    We will attach high importance to communications with customers in our continuous pursuit of fulfilling their quality requirements.

Environmental Policies

In August 1998, the NH Foods Group established its Environmental Charter as its basic environmental policy. In April 2011, we reviewed and renamed this initiative: Environmental Policies of the NH Foods Group. Each employee proactively undertakes specific environmental activities based on these policies.

Environmental Policies of the NH Foods Group

In appreciation of nature's blessings, we at the NH Foods Group will promote
environmentally sound business activities toward the realization of a sustainable society,

  • Environmentally conscious products and services
    We will strive to develop products and provide services that are environmentally conscious.
  • Improvement of environmental performance
    We will strive to conserve energy and resources and reduce adverse environmental impact that may arise during the course from our business activities.
  • Continual improvements
    We will make continual improvements through the effective application of our environmental management system.
  • Compliance
    We will strive to enhance the level of our environmental conservation by complying with applicable legal requirements and, when appropriate, setting our own requirements.
  • Cooperation with communities
    We will work together with our host communities to promote environmental activities through close communications with them.