Group Policies

Quality Policies

The NH Foods Group leverages its proprietary quality assurance system to realize transparency in food production.

NH Foods group quality policy

The NH Foods group has identified 3 types of quality required for products and services Quality for safety, Quality for attraction, and Quality for society. Training our personnel and developing technologies and systems will be advocated to achieve this. We will contribute to the joy of eating and healthier and better lives through safe and high-quality products and services for our customers.

Quality for impression
  • We value the communication with our customers and provide products and services that meet their expectations.
  • We will challenge ourselves to impress our customers and create new value through the pursuit of high quality and good eating and free thinking.
  • We will comply with laws and regulations, improve our food safety initiatives from the farm to the table, and provide our customers with the appropriate information.
  • We value the bounty of life, strive to improve the sustainability of our products and services, provide a stable supply of food, and work towards resolving social issues.
  • We consider quality as the most significant value of our group, and we continuously engage all employees in the creation of a culture centered around people, technologies, and systems to strive for safety and superior quality.

Quality for safety

To make our customers feel secure when they choose our products, we must ensure the safety not only of our products, but also related information and services. In addition, we will challenge ourselves to create a quality that impresses our clients, as well as generating new value that contributes to a better life for our customers.

Quality for attractiveness

It is important that the products and services that our customers choose are attractive. We will continue to develop and improve our products and services through communication with our customers. In addition, we will challenge ourselves to create a quality that impresses our clients, as well as generating a new value that contributes to a better life for our customers.

Quality for society

The products and services that our customers acquire must consider current and future social issues, such as those related to the environment, health, food diversity, etc. To fulfill our responsibility to provide a stable food supply in the future, we will improve the quality of our products and services to meet the demands of society and contribute to solve social problems.

Environmental Policies

In August 1998, the NH Foods Group established its Environmental Charter as its basic environmental policy. In April 2011, we reviewed and renamed this initiative: Environmental Policies of the NH Foods Group. Each employee proactively undertakes specific environmental activities based on these policies.

Environmental Policies of the NH Foods Group

In appreciation of nature's blessings, we at the NH Foods Group will promote
environmentally sound business activities toward the realization of a sustainable society,

  1. Environmentally conscious products and servicesWe will strive to develop products and provide services that are environmentally conscious.
  2. Improvement of environmental performanceWe will strive to conserve energy and resources and reduce adverse environmental impact that may arise during the course from our business activities.
  3. Continual improvementsWe will make continual improvements through the effective application of our environmental management system.
  4. ComplianceWe will strive to enhance the level of our environmental conservation by complying with applicable legal requirements and, when appropriate, setting our own requirements.
  5. Cooperation with communitiesWe will work together with our host communities to promote environmental activities through close communications with them.