Social Contributions

Social Contributions

Basic Views

When NH Foods Group founder Yoshinori Okoso established the Nippon-Ham Baseball Club, the predecessor of the Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters *, he declared that the Group would contribute to society through food and sports.
Originating in Tokushima Prefecture, the Group has since expanded its operations to the Kansai region, throughout Japan, and to the world beyond, and now operates from approximately 500 sites in Japan and other countries across the globe.
We carry on the spirit of our founder, with Group companies promoting a wide range of social contribution activities in each country and region while respecting the cultures and customs that have developed there.

Note:Japanese professional baseball team

Promotion Systems

We are aware of the importance of dialogue with local communities, and at the business sites of each Group company, actively engage in communication with local residents and work to support the sustainable development of local communities.

Major Initiatives

Local Communities

Supporting Future Generations

Disaster Recovery Efforts

Future Initiatives

In the future, we will create even more opportunities for communication to foster development of and harmony with the local communities where we have business sites in Japan and overseas.