Developing the Next Generation of Human Resources

The NH Foods Group is using the knowledge and experience that it has acquired through business and other activities to support future generations through a variety of programs.

Comprehensive Collaboration Agreement Signed with Obihiro University of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine

Nippon White Farm Co., Ltd.
A practical class conducted at Nippon White Farm,

Amidst rising concerns regarding the decline of the livestock industry in Japan, the Group is promoting initiatives to support the sustainability of the industry.

In December 2017, Obihiro University of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine and NH Foods Ltd., which both place particular importance on food and people and strive to contribute to society, executed a comprehensive collaboration agreement to revitalize the livestock industry and educate and develop human resources who will serve as industry leaders in the future.

Nippon White Farm Co., Ltd.
A practical class conducted at Nippon White Farm,

Faculty members and students from the University have conducted on-site research at Group farms and factories in the past, but as a result of the execution of the comprehensive collaboration agreement, more practical educational programs will be provided to students to foster animal husbandry engineers who can work in international domains and information will be shared so that research results can be utilized throughout society, promoting the livestock industry.

Career Development Support (Workplace Visits)

Today’s elementary, junior high, and high school students will be playing important roles in society 10 and 20 years in the future. The Group conveys to these future generations the meaningfulness of work, knowledge relating to food, and other information. We also conduct five-taste identification tests (sweet, sour, salty, bitter, and umami) to learn about the sensation of taste and provide other experiences as an introduction to work in product development. It is our hope that by engaging in dialogue with employees, these events serve as opportunities for students to consider what they want to do in the future and what they should do now.

Career Development Support (Remote Lessons)

In recent years, while the importance of career education for children has been emphasized, elementary schools in rural mountainous areas and on remote islands are said to have fewer opportunities to learn about a variety of occupations than those in central Tokyo due to transportation access problems.
Therefore, in July 2019, NH Foods Group began offering remote lessons related to "food" to the children in elementary schools in rural areas and remote islands in collaboration with the general incorporated association "Professionals for All Schools".