President's Message

We formulated our Vision2030 corporate ideal of Unleash new potentials for protein as a corporate message for continuing to fulfill our corporate philosophy to provide Joy of Eating, demonstrating that our commitment to realizing transformation remains unchanged.

In recent years, we have seen unprecedented changes that could jeopardize the stability of food supplies, including world population growth, and increasingly serious global environmental problems, such as climate change. As a company engaged in food manufacturing and the livestock industry, we have also faced an increasingly challenging environment because of factors that include soaring fuel and feed prices due to the Ukraine crisis and the weak yen, as well as sharply higher labor costs in Japan and other countries. We are one of Japan’s biggest protein suppliers and a key contributor to food infrastructure. For that reason, we believe that even in this challenging environment we have a social mission to maintain reliable supplies of protein as the power of life.

To ensure our continuing ability to fulfill this mission, we are rapidly restructuring our business models and expanding our lineup of plant-derived protein products, while also developing new types of proteins, such as cultured meat and other cell-based foods. At the same time, we are adopting sustainable livestock farming methods as part of our efforts to protect the global environment and solve social issues.

We believe that our business ultimately depends on the efforts and potential of each individual employee. That is why our corporate philosophy also states that our company should be a place where employees can feel truly happy and fulfilled. We are working to realize Vision2030 by enhancing our human capital policies as the framework for a dual commitment to the provision of training programs that support personal and organizational growth, and the creation of an environment in which diverse individuals can participate and succeed.

In March 2023, we completed Hokkaido Ballpark F Village as a complex that includes a new ballpark for the Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters. This facility, which challenges the limitations of conventional thinking, symbolizes our determination to continue our challenge to the goals of Vision2030.

Nobuhisa Ikawa
President and Representative Director