Overseas Business

The NH Foods Group maintains operations in 87 locations in 17 countries and regions (as of April 2021) where we use expertise developed in Japan to advance business in Asia, Europe, the Americas, and Australia. We export products to Japan and other countries and sells products locally, offering products and services catered to the food culture, values, and preferences of each country and region.

Products span fresh beef and chicken, ham, sausage, processed meat, seafood, and vegetables. While maintaining our strict quality control standards, we provide products following food traditions, values, and preferences in Japan and around the world to contribute to happy and healthy lifestyles.

At a Glance

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Production and Sales

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Summary of Strategies

Transform our business model by clarifying
functions across our entire value chain

  1. Stabilize profit in existing businesses
    • Clarify and enhance functions
    • Establish an optimal beef production system
  2. Expand sales of processed food products in North America and the ASEAN region
    • Develop alternative proteins and new processed food products, in addition to chicken based processed products
  3. Build a new pillar that generates profit by formulating and implementing growth strategies focused on promising areas
    • Stabilize profit
    • Construct a strong supply chain

Fresh Meats

We operate large-scale farms in Australia and Middle East and sell beef products produced in Australia locally as well as export products to Japan, across Asia, and worldwide.


Whyalla Beef Pty. Ltd., established in Australia in 1987, is engaged in the breeding, backgrounding and lot feeding of beef cattle on the largest feedlot in the country, producing approximately 120,000 head of cattle annually. Whyalla Beef strictly manages cattle health conditions and provides complete traceability from breeding to processing.

For example, Whyalla Beef is taking steps to provide low-stress rearing at its feedlot by installing sunshades to protect the cows from the sun and providing full safe and sanitary water and feed.

Whyalla Beef produces the Omugi-Gyu (Barley Beef) grainfed brand, which it exports to Japan and worldwide.


Our Turkey subsidiary Ege-Tav is highly regarded in the region for the long and successful history of producing chicks for poultry meat. We have created a synergistic relationship in the poultry farming business that enables us to maintain a steady supply while meeting the growing demand for chicken meat.

Processed Foods

We use the strengths cultivated in our processing business in Japan to provide products and services geared to the food culture, values, and preferences of each country and region. We are also developing alternative proteins and new processed products.

North America

We provide processed foods and commercial products, such as our flagship ready-made Crazy Cuizine brand products, that use development technology cultivated in Japan. We are constantly developing and marketing new products to meet local customer needs. In addition, with the aim of increasing sales in the North American market, we are fortifying our business foundation by enhancing our product development capabilities, expanding production capacity, and increasing our sales channels in the region.