Third-Party Verification

The NH Foods Group has undertaken ongoing initiatives to safeguard the environment since formulating its Environmental Charter in 1998. We endeavor to disclose information regarding these efforts on our website and in our social and environmental reports.

To ensure that this data is appropriate, in fiscal 2018 we commissioned SGS Japan Inc. to conduct third-party verifications of the methodology used to calculate and the suitability of the calculation scope about greenhouse gas emissions and water consumptions.

Scope of the assurance


stakeholder management process
greenhouse gas(GHG) emissions(Scope 1, 2(*1), and 3)
energy consumption
water consumption
the management systems supporting the reporting process

Note1: Greenhouse gases covered
Carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide

Period covered

April 1, 2020 to March 31, 2021

The Scope of each assurance is limited to the domestic subsidiaries plants,sales offices,logistics hubs,headquarters,branches and laboratories.


Onsite verification of quantitative data
Ibaragi Plant of Nipponham Factory Ltd., Rolf Yamato plant of Hoko Co,Ltd.

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Greenhouse Gas Emissions(SCOPE1, 2)

Source Consumption and Emissions Greenhouse Gas Emissions
(Metric tons CO2 equivalent)
SCOPE1 Gasoline 625 L 1
Kerosene 15,095,514 L 40,070
Light Oil 28,096 L 73
Heavy fuel oil A 21,785,881 L 59,032
Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) 8,267,647 kg 24,794
Liquefied natural gas (LNG) 5,531,919 kg 14,951
City gas 23,088,096 m3 51,579
Gasoline (vehicles) 1,082,519 L 2,513
Light oil(vehicles) 9,838,688 L 25,433
Waste 397,067 kg 1,012
Methane 1,120,946 kg 28,024
Nitrous oxide 340,121 kg 101,356
Subtotal 348,838
SCOPE2 Steam 19,847,477 MJ 1,131
Electricity Location base 584,608,477 kWh 274,766
Market base 255,971
Subtotal Location base 275,897
Market base 257,102
SCOPE1,2 Total Location base 624,735
Market base 605,940

Note: Greenhouse gas emissions about Scope 1 and Scope 2 are calculated by using factors in "Act on Promotion of Global Warming Countermeasures" in Japan about each year.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions (SCOPE3)

Category Greenhouse Gas Emissions (Metric tons CO2 equivalent)
1. Purchased goods and services 8,894,219
2. Capital goods 131,874
3. Fuel- and energy-related activities 82,033
4. Upstream transportation and distribution 756,667
5. Waste generated in operations 33,522
6. Business travel 2,789
7. Employee commuting 59,207
8. Upstream leased assets 4,014
9. Downstream transportation and distribution 110,661
10. Processing of sold products 234,363
11. Use of sold products 146,412
12. End-of-life treatment of sold products 119,928
13. Downstream leased assets not applicable
14. Franchises not applicable
15. Investments not applicable
Total 10,575,689

Note: Scope 3 are calculated which is based on our scenario by category, which referred to "Basic Guidelines On Accounting for Greenhouse Gas Emissions throughout the Supply Chain, Ver. 2.3 (in Japan)".The emission unit of calculation is used or referred to below.
"Act on Promotion of Global Warming Countermeasures" in Japan about each year
"Database of Emissions Unit Values on the Same Accounting for Greenhouse Gas Emissions throughout the Supply Chain Ver. 3.1" in Japan

Water Consumption

  Water Consumption (m3)
City Water 2,154,133
Industrial Water 1,792,591
Underground Water 10,872,959

Note: Withdrowing Underground Water Contain a Estimation in Production Sector.