Basic Views

In March 2021, the NH Foods Group formulated Vision 2030, which illustrates our ideal for 2030 as a milestone in our pursuit of realizing the corporate philosophy.
In addition to the existing value we provide, namely safety and security and great taste, this vision reflects our desire to continue to support everyday healthy diets by expanding the potential of protein through unconventional and unfettered thinking, as well as by creating diverse dining situations that correspond to changes in the social environment and people's lifestyles.
In 2024, we formulated Medium-term Management Plan 2026 as a business strategy to further strengthen our existing value and to create new value. At the same time, we also revised our existing materiality items and measures in consideration of changes in the business environment and social conditions. In this way, the Group aims to create social value by continuing our efforts to advance materiality initiatives with the intent of realizing a sustainable society.

Materiality items

Materialities for sustainable value creation
  • Stable procurement and supply of proteins
  • Enrichment of lives through food
  • Creating new values
  • Contributing to a sustainable environment
  • Fostering an organizational culture focused on new challenges
Foundation for business continuity
  • Corporate governance
  • quality assurance
  • Co-creation and co-prosperity with the local community

Materialities and Goals

Stable procurement and supply of proteins
We will continue to provide a stable supply of protein, which is essential for human life, into the future by earnestly engaging with the challenges faced by the livestock industry.
Enrichment of lives through food
We precisely identify changes in society, and provide products and services that exceed the expectations of our customers. We create a new Joy of Eating by discovering latent needs and through unconventional and unfettered thinking.
Contributing to a sustainable environment
We are grateful for the blessings of nature and life, and will actively work to resolve environmental issues through our supply chain so that we can pass on a bountiful global environment to future generations.
Creating new values
Freed from convention, we work with a variety of partners to create new value in the form of unprecedented products, services, and experiences.
Fostering an organizational culture focused on new challenges
We will foster a corporate culture in which each and every one of our diverse employees can take the initiative and continue to engage in the challenge of transformation.

Materiality related items

Measures and indicators

Identification Process