Sustainability Management

Basic Views

The NH Foods Group has adopted the theme of The Joy of Eating as one of our corporate philosophies. The Joy of Eating expresses the excitement of great taste and the joy of health that are felt through food. We believe this is the source of happiness in people's lives.

In the future, however, demand for protein may exceed supply due to global population growth and climate change. Despite these circumstances, we are taking on the challenge of our social mission as one of Japan's largest protein suppliers, aiming to continue to provide a stable supply of protein while also taking the needs of the environment and society into consideration.

Sustainability Strategy

Image of Sustainability Strategy

In April 2024, in conjunction with the formulation of Medium-Term Management Plan 2026, we formulated a sustainability strategy in order to solve social issues through our business activities, contribute to enjoyable and healthy lives, and achieve harmony with the global environment.
Under this strategy, we have established four pillars of sustainability: “Provide the joy of eating”; “Create new value ”; “Protect the global environment”; and “Strengthen the resilience of the business base”. In addition, in order to respond to changes in our business environment and meet the expectations of our stakeholders, we have identified Materialities as important issues facing the Group, based upon which we will continue to promote our sustainability activities.

We will continue to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society, promoting both our business strategy and sustainability strategy.