Compliance Initiatives

Recognizing compliance as the foundation of corporate management, the NH Foods Group engages in fair and candid corporate activities and strives to fulfill its social responsibilities.

Activities to Strengthen Compliance

The NH Foods Group has reinforced compliance by 1) formulating a compliance management policy, 2) conducting awareness-raising activities to ensure that employees are aware of these policies in order to implement them, 3) monitoring to confirm proper implementation,and 4) modifying and improving as necessary. By repeating this cycle we endeavor to enhance and reinforce compliance management.

1. Formulating Our Compliance Management Policy

NH Foods Group action standards
  • We set out the NH Foods Group action standards to which all executives and employees adhere.
  • NH Foods Group's action standards
    These standards guide the activities of all executives and employees in the NH Foods Group.

2. Holding Awareness-Raising Campaigns

We conduct awareness-raising campaigns to deepen understanding and reaffirm the importance of compliance in the minds of all employees.

Compliance training
  • Compliance training
    We reinforce compliance awareness by holding compliance-training seminars for each level of the organization to disseminate knowledge and generate group discussions based on case studies.
  • Compliance meetings
    We also hold meetings to share the results of compliance activities at each office/site.
  • Office study groups
    Offices convene study groups individually or with nearby business units to explore material presented on video or in case studies.

3. Monitoring

We monitor the results and issues arising from our awareness-raising campaigns while also accessing specific feedback and comments from frontline employees for use as valuable information.

Consultation desks
We set up two desks inhouse and two outside, which all Group employees can freely access in order to report complaints, blow the whistle or seek advice about workplace issues.

NH Foods Group Corporate Information Management Rules
The Compliance Department gathers and centrally manages important information on unusual developments (such as operational mishaps, accidents, or issues) within the NH Foods Group.

Regular communication with employees at business sites Members of the Compliance Department regularly visit our business sites and solicit feedback from employees. The goal is to identify potential risks, avoid them, take preventive measures, detect problems early and solve them.

Compliance Structure

Liaison between compliance units

Contact is maintained between the Compliance Committee, which checks Groupwide compliance and explores policies, the compliance promotion committees of Group companies and business units, and representatives of the Compliance Leader Conference where promotion committees discuss measures.

Centralized information management

The Compliance Department centrally manages unfavorable information. It distributes reports to directors, Audit and Supervisory Board members executive officers, and directors of other divisions immediately after obtaining such information. The department also reports to the Board of Directors and the Compliance Committee.


Compliance Committee: This body conducts comprehensive checks notably by monitoring compliance throughout the NH Foods Group, making arrangements to promote compliance, and establishing guidelines.

Compliance promotion committees: Each Group company and business unit has such a committee, chaired by a president or general manager, to ensure business-specific compliance.

Compliance Leader Conference: Compliance promotion committee leaders from across the country regularly attend these conferences to discuss compliance activities, share information, and explore specific Groupwide measures to be implemented by the various compliance promotion committees.