Nutritional Support

The Group actively undertakes sports nutritional support to sustain and nurture professional athletes.The knowledge gained from providing nutritional support to athletes is conveyed to the general public through research reports, food education courses and other social contribution activities, classes and lectures, publication of printed materials, and other means. This information is used for meal preparation when engaging in sports, maintaining good health, and in career development.

Supporting the Development of Professional Athletes from the Perspective of Food

Registered dieticians from the NH Foods Ltd. Research & Development Center provide nutritional support to athletes on the Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters (baseball), Cerezo OSAKA (soccer), and Kagawa Five Arrows (basketball) teams based on scientific knowledge.
The Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters and Cerezo OSAKA Academy in particular have adopted nutritional support as a part of the development of team members, and support is tailored to the status of individual athletes and the teams as a whole. The support includes nutritional education provided through seminars, individual consultations, and individual counseling based on the results of assessments of body composition, dietary status, knowledge of nutrition, day-to-day condition checks, and so on. To enhance the effects of nutritional education, good dietary environments are created by providing support to coaches, guardians, and cooks.

A nutrition seminar for the Fighters

A nutrition seminar for Cerezo OSAKA

Conveying the Joy and Importance of Eating to Sports Participants and Supporters

At courses and seminars taught by registered dieticians from the NH Foods Ltd. Research & Development Center, the joy and importance of eating is conveyed to sports participants as well as supporters including coaches and guardians by discussing episodes regarding nutritional support.
The questions posed by participants during such sports nutrition guidance and courses were used to create a book that explains sports nutrition and contains recipes.
We also work to support the development of sports nutrition trainers by conducting on-site lectures that convey the realities of sports nutrition guidance in dietician training courses.

A seminar for children

A course at a university

Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters Dietary Techniques:
Dietary Secrets The Help Athletes Develop

Written by: NH Foods Ltd.
Cooperation by: Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters
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Date of publication: Released in stages starting October 25, 2018
Publisher: Kagawa Nutrition University Publishing Division
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