Mar 1942
Yoshinori Okoso founded the Tokushima Meat Processing Plant located in Tokushima-shi, Japan.
Jul 1945
Tokushima Meat Processing Plant burned down during the war.
Aug 1948
Operations restarted.
Dec 1951

Reorganized the company to form Tokushima Ham Co., Ltd., with capitalization of ¥1.5 million.

Tokushima Ham main plant circa 1955
Apr 1960
Shares offered over the counter on the Osaka Securities Exchange.
Oct 1961
Listed on the 2nd Section of the Osaka Securities Exchange.
Feb 1962
Listed on the 2nd Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
Aug 1963

Merged with Torise Ham Co., Ltd., changed the company name to Nippon Meat Packers, Inc., with capitalization of ¥703.2 million, and moved the headquarters to 2-7 Daikoku-cho, Naniwa-ku, Osaka-shi, Japan.

Merger agreement signing ceremony
Dec 1967
Stock listing changed to the 1st section of both the Osaka Securities Exchange and Tokyo Stock Exchange.
Mar 1968

Entered the farm business with the establishment of Nippon Broiler Co., Ltd., as a joint company.

Poultry houses of Nippon Broiler Co., Ltd.
May 1968
Headquarters moved to 3-6-14 Minami-honmachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka, Japan.
Feb 1969

Introduced Consumer Delegate Committee System.

Apr 1973
Implemented an integrated production system of fresh meats with the establishment of Nippon Pork Co., Ltd.
Nov 1973

Established pro baseball team Nippon-Ham Fighters Baseball Club.

Signing ceremony for taking over baseball team
Dec 1976
First issue of Continental Depository Receipt (C.D.R.) and listing on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange.
Mar 1977
Began distribution and sales of fresh meats with establishment of Sendai Food, Co., Ltd.
Mar 1977

Began overseas expansion with acquisition of Day-Lee Meats, Inc., of Los Angeles, USA (now Day-Lee Foods, Inc.).

Jan 1978
Established Nippon Meat Packers Australia Pty. Ltd. in Sydney, Australia.
Apr 1979

Fully entered the processed foods business with the establishment of Nipponham Shokuhin Co., Ltd. (now Nipponham Processed Foods Ltd.)

Jul 1981

Entered the marine foods processing business with acquisition of the Marine Foods Corporation.

Apr 1983

Established Hakodate Carl Raymon Co., Ltd., through the acquisition of the business of Carl W. Raymon, a German-born meister.

Carl W. Raymon and Yoshinori Okoso
Jan 1984
Established Research & Development Center.
Mar 1984
Entered freeze-dried foods business with establishment of Nippon Dry Foods Co., Ltd. (now successor company is Hoko Co., Ltd.)
Oct 1985
Changed settlement date from July to March.
Apr 1986

Established Corporate Philosophies.

Announcement of Corporate Philosophies
May 1986

Nippon Meat Packers U.K. Ltd.(now NH Foods U.K. Ltd.), established in London.

May 1987

Acquired Oakey Abattoir Pty. Ltd.(now Oakey Beef Exports Pty. Ltd.), a beef processor in Australia.

Jul 1987
Established Nippon Meat Packers Singapore Pte. Ltd.(now NH Foods Singapore Pte. Ltd.)
Sep 1987
Listed on the Paris Bourse.
Jul 1988

Implemented an integrated system from production to marketing of fresh meats overseas with purchase of the Whyalla Feedlot (Australia).

Oct 1988
Established Nippon Meat Packers Inc. (Chile) Y Compania Limitada.(now NH Foods Chile Y Compania Limitada)
Oct 1989

Established Thai Nippon Foods Co., Ltd.

Jan 1990
Established Nippon Meat Packers (Taiwan) Inc.(now NH Foods Taiwan Ltd.)
Feb 1990
Acquired Redondo's LLC., Hawaii's largest ham and sausage producer.
Mar 1990

Purchased beef processor Thomas Borthwick & Sons (Australia) Pty. Ltd.

Oct 1991

Research and Development Center built in Tsukuba, Ibaraki Prefecture.

Jul 1992

Entered the fermental milk and the lactic acid bacterial beverages business with acquisition of Kansai Luna, Inc. (now NIPPON LUNA, INC.).

Apr 1993

Acquired Kamakura Ham Tomioka Co., Ltd., which was established in 1900.

Dec 1993

Participated in the establishment and operation of Osaka Football Club Co., Ltd.,(now Cerezo Osaka Co., Ltd.)

Mar 1995
Established Nippon Pure Food, Inc., to bolster the extract business.
May 1998
Established Nippon Shokuhin Mexicana S.A. de C.V.(now NH Foods Mexicana S.A.DE C.V.)
Aug 1998
Established Environmental Charter.
Nov 1999

Ono Plant(now Hyogo Plant of Nipponham Factory Ltd. ) is the first in the industry to receive ISO 14001 certification.

Receiving ISO certificate
Sep 2001
Weihai Nippon Shokuhin Co., Ltd., established in China.
Jun 2002

Established Shimodate Koubou, where consumers can enjoy sausage making.

Apr 2003
Nipponham Group made a new start by launching the new medium-term management plan (Part I).
Jul 2003
Purchased shares in Hoko Co., Ltd. (formerly Hoko Suisan Co., Ltd.), to strengthen the company's position in the marine foods and dairy products businesses.
Aug 2003


Aug 2004
Purchased shares in Maruwa & Co., Inc. to strengthen the company's position in the health foods business. (now successor company is NH Foods Ltd.)
Jan 2005
Established "Nipponham Group Brand."
Apr 2010
Revised Code of Conduct.
Jun 2011
Nippon Golden Pig Joint Stock Company Co., Ltd.(now NH Foods Vietnam Joint Stock Company), established in Vietnam.
Aug 2012
Headquarters moved to the present location in Kita-ku, Osaka, Japan.
Jan 2014
Established Nippo Food(HongKong) Co., Limited
Jan 2014
Apr 2014
Changed the Nipponham Group Brand logo.
Apr 2014
Changed the Corporate Brand logo.
Jun 2014
Changed the English Company Name to NH Foods Ltd.
Apr 2015
Acquired Ege-Tav Ege Tarım Hayvancılık Yatırım Ticaret ve Sanayi Anonim Şirketi, a leading poultry farming company of Turkey.
Mar 2016
Established NHF Manufacturing (Malaysia) Sdn.Bhd.
Jun 2017
Acquired Breeders & Packers Uruguay S.A., a leading beef slaughterhouse of Uruguay.
Apr 2018
Unified Group Brand and Corporate Brand.

Established Vision2030


Schau Essen introduced in new eco-friendly packaging