Processed Foods

NH Foods was launched in 1942 as a maker of ham and sausage products.
Our product menu as grown to encompass several top and leading brands in their categories, including SCHAU ESSEN sausages, Chuka Meisai Chinese dishes, and Ishigama Kobo chilled pizzas. We also offer traditional brands such as the products of Hokkaido Carl Ramon and Kamakura Ham Tomioka, which has been offering meat products for over a century.

At a Glance


The Chuka Meisai series*

* Chinese food meal kit

Ishigama Kobo
chilled pizza

Summary of Strategies

Increased focus on customer-centered product development, further improvement of profitability

  1. Strengthen existing areas and take on challenges in new areas
    • Expansion of existing brands and developing brands
    • Initiatives in new areas, such as extract flavorings and soy meat
    • Shift away from product-centered thinking
  2. Enhance productivity in manufacturing plants
    • Reconstruction and standardization of manufacturing systems
    • Realization of synergistic effects
    • Countermeasures against rising raw material prices
    • Improvement of productivity through centralized production of flagship brand products
    • Production leveling through investment in labor-saving and rationalization measures
  3. Solve social issues and improve profitability
    • Environmental responses
    • Co-creation and shared prosperity with local communities and society as a whole through food and sports
    • Addressing food diversity and health issues
    • Reduction of food losses and plastic use
    • Food education activities in local communities
    • Addressing food allergies

Product Development

The core concept behind all of our products is the joy of eating and contributing to happy and healthy lives through our ham and sausage products as well as our range of offerings of processed foods, dairy products, and processed seafood products. We use consumer feedback and other qualitative information along with a full set data collected from our clients to develop and improve our food products to meet changing food preferences and lifestyles. We have also broadened our range to develop and sell hypoallergenic products and a line of plant-based soy meat products.

To develop flavorful foods quickly and efficiently, our core factories have R&D divisions and professional chefs on-site to develop highly refined products.


Our core plants in Japan and overseas maintain strict quality management and have earned quality certifications including FSSC 22000 food safety certification.

To promote continuing improvement in our production techniques, we  have our own Master Certification program for ham and sausage preparation skill and Expert Certification system for inspection and analysis.. The system is designed to cultivate outstanding technicians while maintaining and improving the quality standards that have earned us high levels of customer satisfaction.

Each plant holds regular meetings focused on improving the plant’s quality to deliver tastier products. The meetings bring together our production, quality assurance, and materials specialists to formulate initiatives for quality improvement.

Food Processing

Food processing includes slicing, mincing and other forms of primary processing, and secondary processing tasks, such as roasting and producing chicken dumplings.

The products we deliver to restaurants and food makers are meticulously prepared to suit customer needs from the menu creation and planning stages, including repeated testing and studying to meet customer expectations. For retailers, we supply products matched to consumer demand that we identify through proprietary marketing research.

We develop foods that satisfy contemporary customers’ desires for new flavors, convenience, and usability.


Our nationwide network of 14 logistics centers and 4 logistic offices (as of June 2021) effectively covers all of Japan. The quality of our logistic operations is supported by round-the-clock refrigeration and freezer facilities at our logistics centers and our proprietary inventory management system with real-time data on inventories and shipments.


Sales bases across Japan dispatches sales personnel specializing in supermarket, convenience store, and restaurant operations to swiftly accommodate customer needs. In addition to actively advancing our sales promotions to boost product sales, our staff visit customers and hold online meetings to provide customers with information on products and market trends. The staff also visit stores, hold special events, and connect through online meetings to explain the features of our products and propose menus using our products. We have a system to directly communicate feedback from dialogue between sales representatives and customers to the relevant departments, where we use the information to further improve and develop our products.

Dairy Products

Our Dairy Products Business focuses on developing and offering cheese and yogurt products. The cheese operation actively develops cheese products for the consumer market and its advanced technologies have garnered it a commanding share of the commercial market in Japan. The yogurt operation is continually developing new products and boasts a number of highly unique offerings.

Food Allergy Initiatives

We began researching and developing products with non-allergenic ingredients after receiving heartfelt requests for products that can be safely consumed by children with allergies. This led to the introduction of our first non-allergenic products in 1997, and we have continued expanding the lineup from ham and sausage products to some 29 items as of April 2021, including hamburgers and rice flour bread.

We are also participating in Project A, a collaborative project among five food manufacturers* which involves promoting allergy-friendly products, jointly developing recipes, sharing food allergy information, and raising awareness concerning food allergies. In May 2021, we began distributing supplementary readers on food allergies to elementary schools. Furthermore, through the Nipponham Foundation for the Future of Food, we grant around ¥60 million a year to researchers who are focusing on food allergies and have advanced initiatives that increase understanding about food allergies in society, such as publishing booklets and holding seminars and cooking contests.

* Otafuku Sauce Co., Ltd., Kenmin Foods Co., Ltd., Nagatanien Co., Ltd., House Foods Corp. and NH Foods Ltd.