Business Domains

Broadening our scope in the food field: From hams and sausages to health foods

Since starting operations as a producer of hams and sausages, the Group has broadened its operations to offer various food ingredients and products, including many processed foods, marine products, dairy products, and health foods.

Fresh Meats Business

This segment accounts for more than 50% of Group sales. We consistently and quickly supply safe, high-quality, fresh meat.

Processed Foods Business

By proposing new value based on customer needs, this business has created numerous popular offerings.

Marine Products Business

This third-largest of our business domains handles everything from procuring raw marine ingredients to manufacturing and selling processed marine products.

Dairy Products Business

The domain encompasses our cheese business, in which we have outstanding technological capabilities, and the yogurt business, in which we engage in product development.

Other Businesses and Sports

To deliver tasty, healthy offerings, we engage in various businesses related to food and health.