Corporate Philosophies and Principles

We contribute to human happiness and healthy living by upholding the basic theme of "joy of eating."

Corporate Philosophies

  • Under the basic theme of "joy of eating" our company creates a culture that marks an epoch and contributes to society.
  • Our company is a place where employees can feel truly happy and fulfilled.

Management Principles

  • Act with noble ideals and the determination to achieve them.
  • Learn from others, teach others, and be willing to be taught by others.
  • Create the times by meeting the needs of the times.
  • Expand relationships through quality and service, and take responsibility for all people with whom we have relationships.
  • Strive for a highly functional organization.

Action Guidelines

The NH Foods Group endeavors to make a contribution to society through food.
We take pride in our position as members of the NH Foods Group , and are aware of all that membership entails

We will:

  • Always maintain a customer-oriented perspective and act accordingly.
  • Show our gratitude for society's trust in us by acting with integrity.
  • Strive to anticipate the changing times and overcome challenges proactively and with courage.
  • Set ourselves challenging goals, and work to achieve them with enthusiasm and ingenuity.
  • Endeavor to develop selves, enhance each other, and join forces to conduct the business of the company.