Vision and Goals

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Beginning with the manufacture of hams and sausages,
we at the NH Foods Group have extended our business activities to all areas of the food industry,including fresh meats, processed foods, marine products,
dairy products, natural flavorings, and health foods.
We move ahead as a fully united group under The Group Brand and deliver the "Joy of Eating" with the greatest of care to become a company that is trusted and chosen by people worldwide.

Philosophy and Principles

The NH Foods Group's corporate philosophies, central to which is the "joy of eating"

Group Brand

The NH Foods Group's shared vision and values


We have formulated "Vision2030" as a milestone in pursuing our corporate philosophies.


We have identified important social issues to be addressed in order to realize the "NH Foods Group Vision2030" as the NH Foods Group’s “Five Materialities”

Group Policies

The NH Foods Group's Quality Policies and Environmental Policies